Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unforgettable Memories

I Can jus say that "It can't Get better" & if something can be better "It has to be here only"...Yeah i m talking of Goa, Our beloved destination where some of us are spending wat we call as "The Best Days Of Our Lives".

For the past few Days,the weather down here has jus been awsome, regrets to all those students who left the place bcz of holi holidays...Jus pray to god dat it remains dere when u return back...

As usual, the weather has forced me to write another blog. i m on my comp tapping in words listenin to music nd at d same time thinkin abt sm1 :)

As thoughts are passing by, i just thought that how my stay on college has been something which is one hellova an experience.
Its like a journey, to be more of a voyage, where u get to see so mane things, sense a lot of stuff nd learn a lot too...
& Above all its a voyage where u will meet all kinds of people, some of them will leave an impact on u for your whole life while some of them will always bring a smile to ur face.

Its a journey full of emotions,where each one of us have laughed at each and every small joke made by a frend/mate & also when u have cried alone in ur bed after closing d door slowly after a loss.

Its a journey where u have walked on the lanes jumping & hopping in joy & at times u have been on a lonely road with your head down.

Here u have cheered at ur frend's victory & consoled him at a loss too..

Here u have seen the flowers blossom in spring while u have seen d clear skies with ferocious sun on ur head too..

U have flirted with women here, Here u have fallen in love & here only u have been hurt too..

This is the only place where everybody of us have experienced a phenomenon known as "Life"

A Life full of mixed emotions, but a life which will be memorable not only to you but also to many around you.

The best days as people quote often doesnt only come from the joyous moments shared by you and other during the process.
These are & will be the best days of our lives, becoz these will be the days we"l always look back when we"l b happy and when we"l b said.
I wanna quote something wrt this :
"Never forget the Men who were with you, becoz they will be the ones who"l give u company in heaven"

I can bet nobody can forget the time spent down here.
Some of us had changed from kidos to wat in sometime known as professionals.

There has been a subtle change in each personality,its as if a portrait has adopted itself to the new colours added to it.

I can jus say that its a lifetime experience made wonderful by the company of like men.

I hope everybody cherished dere stay down down here..