Monday, August 25, 2008

20 tales of Drunk Men

On the occassion of we drinking the maximum amount of beer at one go (dat too with half the valeno Gang), Yeah we drank 9 litres of Fosters,I"d like to share a few funny moments when people got drunk or some stuff associated with this godly habbiit of ours.

1)Coming back from Panjim, Nath singing 70s hindi songs all along the way,He must be Drunk !!!

2)Tripathi wearing a Jacket & a tie on coming back from farewell nite @ Bogmalo & Yeah he was'nt wearing any Shirt.
He must be feeling Hot.

3)Daddy searching for Hash in the lawn & Pazzy smoking it in his room alone thinking its Classic !!!

Why does it always happens wid Daddy???

4)Chimp puking in ananthasram & 10 girls seeing him, trying there level best to identify him as a BITSian.

Chics don't know Chimp is d only On Campus-DLPD Student.

5)Me going to her with Whisky bottle in my pocket :D

I was Drunk !!!

6)Jazzy & Nath both broke there legs trying to play football, okk They were drunk too otherwise They play good. LOL

7)Tripathi puking in my room & then sleeping & rolling over it till morning.

His First reaction : "Whhatt the phukkkk !!!! Bihaariiii taaalaa toddd "

8)Alex distributing Dunhill to kids as if it is Candy !!!

Alexs will be a good father after having a quarter of IB. LOL

9)Tripathi asking Monginis guy after a Valeno session : "Bhaiyaa, Pantyy hai kya??? " After getting no response "Accha 2 de do "

He was asking for patty but dunno why he said that??? LOL

10)Chandy peeing in front of prestigious Birla tower in Pilani :D

Proud to be a bitsian,His feeling that must be !!!

11)Champu telling about His Chachi !!!

Thats Champu when drunk for you.

12)Daddy having a Liver Problem !!!

We"l Miss Daddy in our future gatherings & his special poses for pics when hes Drunk.

13)Raghav questioning apoorv for half an hour, "Hum yaha ker kya rahey hain ??? "

I don't know the ans to that :D

14)Harsh not smiling even after drinking a good amount !!!

Mayb he wants more !!!

15 ) I Forgot our dear Nbabu, who tried beer for the first time with two chics :D

Thats a big thing !!! Starting the journey with two chics !!! Though he spilled beer on them as his hands was shaking as always.

Find solutions to the above problem of Nbabu, i don't like beer being wasted :D

16)-20)These times i was Drunk more than others so i don't remember them :D
But than who cares

There won't be any alone soul in the corridor, there will be Beer Always !!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Abhinav Bindra India Wins Gold in 10m Air Rifle Sport

Here is a video that"l make every Indian proud !!!

Specially when you hear your national anthem at such an event & ur flag higher than others .

Friday, August 8, 2008

20 Funny Tales

We are a bunch of guys pursuing engineering & here are a few incidents which happened or were told to us by some of us only.

1)Snehanth (Fuck..Google gives an alternative to that name i.e Lanthanum) aka Mianard got drunk one day & started singing 70s songs & that too hindi. Than he told us about the famous tale of how he happened to be part of an incest incident...LOL.. Now thats why they say,don't drink extra tequila that too worth 250 bucks.

2)Snehanth got drunk & got caught on the gate,admins called his mom & his reply, "Mom,i saw pirates of Caribbean last night & they were drinking SOMETHING, so i thought i"l gv it a try, Mom its not my mistake,i was just imitating them"

One question for Nathyy:

Whoaaa....fucking how can you lie after drinking more than 2 quarters :)

3)Chimp once said, "When i was small my parents took me to a psychiatrist & i asked the psychiatrist "Yeh duniyaa kyaa hai aur hum yaha kya ker rahey hai??? "

Now thats wat chimp is all about,ain't he???

4)Nbabu playing warcraft NUDE !!!!

WTF...Does dat improve gameplay???

5)Punit trying to peep into chimp's room on his bday & then fell down laughing & running, "Never told..WTF was chimp doing??? "

6)Me intercepting a chic's chat saying "Hash is a sweet, long haired guy"

WTF....hes a chic??? Ask raghav man !!!

7)Appu faking he has a GF specially to fool me & making up the whole story.

Faaakk....Im so DUMB... Appu & Chics?? No NOOOOOOOOO... Naaahh he ain't gay..

8)Budhha : "Mujhey barfii dooo, main bhi khaaungaa" , Appuuu : "Yahin khaa le,uske liye le jaane nahin dengey"

9)"U know ___S is a celebrity"

LOLest Ever

10)Raghav fucking puked in my room on last day & then fell from the bed, while i was searching for him in the whole hostel,bastard was lying on my floor only.

11)Gogo: "Ajunta" Harsh : "Sahiii main...Sahii main.....ahhahahha "

12)Daddy : "I was making out with that chic & dat fucking dog bit me....."

13)Bihari : "Choos..ab hum barney banagey" Choos : "WTF..kuch bhii...Sutta de "

14)Daddy : "Search for my hash...faaakkk" Choos " Okkkkk I shaall search.....Ohhh taaalaaa mil gayaa.....taalaa mil gayaaa...fuckingg taalaa mil gayaaa "

15)Chandy peeing in front of "BITS,pilani tower" & KT Shouting "haraamkhorrr...chipppaaaa...KCH "

16)Akaaash shouting "Ganjeyyy MOR "

17)Sepultara : "GM " Helen of troy : "Good morning"

18)Bhasin looking in mirror : "You are looking AWSOME !!! "

19)Dhyaani : "Diary's Plezzzzz " Champu : "MC..tere baaap ki diary hai....." Akaash : "WTF "

20)Manish : "Diwaliii kuon nahi mana rahey" Mudit : "MC...diwalii ho gayii..tu so raha tha..."

Some of them i don't remember well, so might be different from actual, but still they are freaking awsumeeee

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I Dunno where it is moving,
I Dunno am i rising or sinking,
I Dunno its a breeze or a storm,
I Dunno its right or wrong
But Mayb i am not Alone !!!

For a very long time, i have been accessing other people accounts,some in college,some school mates,some of them whom i don't even know.
Today i was going through one such account & read a few conversations about how there lives are turning BIG,these guys are going to USA,start there lives & live there dreams.

Yeah !!! Dreams that word struck me & suddenly it came to me what am i doing???

Presently, i am just trying trying to find out what interests me, i have been successful in chalking out a couple of things but its still vague & the path is a difficult one.

These days, i see every guy/gal around me preparing for GRE/CAT. People want to go to USA,study hard & in the end earn pride && Loads of bucks,Marry a hot chic or in case of chics itself marry a guy with a hefty salary that too in USD :)

Or ppl want to be a MBA,get there degree from the prestigious B-Schools & then they do the same.

For the past few years,i have been listening to these things & have been asking myself, What do you want to do??? Actually,These days the question is "Wat the fuck do u want to do??? "

Everytime i asked myself GRE/CAT???,which is the usual two options after being an engineering graduate in India.
I always ended up with a "No",ppl are amused after seeing such a reaction but i have my own reasons.
I see people going for such courses just for the sake of pride & money.
Some people have interests but majority of them do not even know wat is there interest???

I was going through one such US MS/Phd aspirant account & found that he din even know which universities to go for which he has to choose after closing her GRE Score which was around some 1500,leave apart the course/interest he wants to pursue.

About such cases.i can see it was good that there parents have enough money to shell out to get there wards signed up for a degree in USA.

Nevertheless,my point is why should i do something which doesn't interest me,i defied my undergrad learning of electronics becoz it absolutely doesn't interest me & did whatever i wanted to do, be it leaning programming,hacking or writing a couple of shitty ebuks on my college girls.

Second thing about all this is the money race, everybody wants to be rich,nobody wants to do what they actually want to do???
Thats why India is so short of acclaimed artists,Indians are worldwide known for doing routine jobs & than China gives them competition there too.

My parents call me eccentric when i say, i want to do something that makes me happy rather than i get to dine in a five star hotel every weekend.

I hate being tied up to something & do it the regular way whereas i see everybody just doing it the other way round.

I want to shout & say, i fucking don't want to be MS or MBA just becoz everybody around me is doing that.

But i dunno,whether i am doing something wrong becoz its like i see myself sitting & exploring a few things while others are already in the race.

Mayb dwon the years people will call me a looser but i want to be a happy looser rather dan a sad,tired winner !!!

We all are like a dyslexic student, who are asked by everyone around us to be First in there class.

Life is a race but not if you don't want to come first !!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our First Comic-Strip

[Ckick on the picture for enlarged view]

Last Night, as usual we were having a funny discussion & somebody cameup with that lets put our wild thoughts to a comic.

So heres the first one,
Its called CRAG ~~ Choos,Raghav,Appu & Gogo