Thursday, July 23, 2009

When you miss Frendz

This post is not Sentii, So plz dont take it that way & its not gay. LOL
This post is dedicated to all the great human beings with whom i cherish my frendship.

This is about remembering some good old times when u sat with frends, talked bullshit & gained wisdom out of it. I miss those times today, in contrast to these days,where my day starts with sitting in front of my & ends up there with a can or two in my hand.
But you miss all that freaking out, pulling legs session, talking about things like "After-Life" or weird ones like,appu's fav "Kiski biwi uska kya haal karegi" , with the most hilarious predictions.

I miss the times, when ppl use to come to my room to have a smoke or when i used to go to Bihari's or Gogo's Room when short on them(Cigs). I miss that one last cig which we used to share,everybody trying to drag the most out of it.,a whole pack today won't suffice today as the former was fun.

I miss the chaotic game plans made by chimp & arpat to win there dota games against raju & party. I miss stealing out Chimp's Pinnis when hes fckin busy playin DOTA.

I miss the plans we used to make, like "Who will keep which pet when hel be a billionaire" & what not.

I miss me n raghav pulling hash's leg over everything, right from his Beard to long hair.
I miss Drunk Bhai.
I miss Nath, scratchin his head on the morning of any exam, confused as to where to start or whether to start or not.

I miss Harsh for all those Navy Cuts & all the good times at velinos.
I miss commenting on Jazzy's Baby Legs.

Nagraj !!! U jus cant forget the name, leave apart the personality.

I miss Nbabu, for his Kaju Barfi & his practical but honest comments.

I miss the Gogo,walking up n down the corridor on the day of Maths Tests.

I miss Bihari for his sentiap on fckin everything.

I miss Chandy for his Chandyaap.

I miss Buddha, playin with sm instrument which falls under electronics & not allowing me n raghav to bother him at that time.

You can't Miss Appu, hes always around pulling your leg, hes like the glue which makes us all stick together in all good n bad times.

Above all, i miss all the good times we all lived in that corridor. All that, jus keeps coming back & will always n puts a smile on my face.

So heres a toast of new KF Blue to all those mentioned above !!!

Cheers !!!