Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

There are many times i have jus written utterly wild thoughts some of which don't even connect back to give them a meaning,to be true since many days i have blogged only when i felt like lets throw some shit out & feel a bit better.Hence,all the crappy posts with not much meaning attached to them.

Today i felt like writting something not out of vain,not out of joy but something else which i can't define,some might call it satisfaction,some might call it joy,some happyness but for me its a state of _________ , i don't know wat it is but i feel like im not the guy i used to be,things have changed & they changed for the good perhaps.

My anger has gone down from what it used to be,patience which was one trait was nowhere found in me is slowly developing.The carefree atitude is still there but with certain suttleness.
I have started enjoying the small small things in life rather than running & crying for the BIG things.I have even found joy in electronics,something which i din use to like. since it has more hardwork. & Can say now after seeing both sides,This side has got much tougher terrain.

I am not a workaholic anymore,i think of other things too,care for her too.Some new dimensions have arrived in my world & its adjusting itself without any pain/regression.

I have left words like "I" & started using words like "We".I fight less with people.I end debates or casually smile or walk away from the debate rather than fighting on & on knowing that i am wrong jus becoz i am adamant.
I smile more than i used to though i crack less jokes on others becoz thats something i used to do so that i can think i am not the only one whos a joke in this world.
Monetary things never intrested me & they don't still.I am less afraid of failure,to be true in a way i am not seeing something as a failure,it mite be just another way of reaching success.

Success, this word has completely changed its meaning for me becoz success is not dependent on ONE single thing now,it has its own attributes & each one of it gives equal satisfaction.

Its like i am becoming more of a person,i always saw in others.
It makes me feel i am loosing my identity, but than theres a satisfying possibility of rediscovering yourself for the good of you & others around you.

I have never been so alone & i have never been supported so much.Its a mix of both.
She has been there everytime to listen to watever i have to say & then not telling me to compete with the world if i have failed.
With her,i feel i don't have to fight anymore to prove myself becoz she dsnt want me to prove anything.It feels good to know somebody,who does'nt ask for something before giving.

People fight,we fight too, perhaps more than the normal mark,but than both of us know they are out of our differences in personality & not out of anything else.

Mayb all the above is finding solace,if it is than i can say its after a very long dull grey period & the credit goes to her.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Freedom to Get High

Now this blog post is dedicated to our dear health minister of the country who has been praised for putting ban on "Smoking" nationwide & thus affecting the lives of hundreds of smokers, who choose to smoke by there own will & not by seeing some hollywood actor on the screen puffing.

Now i want to ask a few questions, i think everybody wants to ask them as long a person is a genuine smoker & is a genuine human being.

1)Major reason behind d ban is told to be passive smoking???

According to ramadoss,he dsnt care abt smokers, all who cares abt is the general junta who dsnt smoke but passivly inhales the smoke due to a nearby smoker.
He doesnt want to improve the life of a smoker by maintaining standards of rehabs or increasing the numbers of rehab or teaching the young generation what is good & what is bad.

Going more deep into the matter.A Large number og ppl die out of smoking.But when u"l see the stats closely, u"l get to know that this ban aint gonna chnge things much rather dan being a propoganda.
Half of the ppl who die in the nation are illiterate & who smoke BIDI, who dsnt go to Pubs,Cafes etc to smoke,who smoke inside factories,jhopadis & at tea stalls.
Your ban Cant stop these ppl from dieing,bcz they ain't literate enough to know the harmful things that can happen to dem while smoking.
Ur ban dsnt put chain smokers in rehab by doing a profile check,bcz u dnt hv enough rahab centres in the nation.
In my 21 yrs of life i have never seen a rehab centre in my city,i dunno whether it exists or not.
It exists but then its nt poularised bcz than u"l need resources to maintain standards,so this work is left on NGOs rather dan govt doing such things itself.

Now according to the health minister, above points are worthless bcz he is NOT AT ALL concerned abt health of a smoker hes rather more concerned abt d one in the passive mode.

Now lets ask him another question???

How many ppl in our country die outof lung diseases bcz of SPMs in air i.e particulate matter or in short POLLUTION.
I think nobody can accept that more ppl die out of passive smoking or there health gets affected more by a an active smoker standing nearby or an auto moving in the city putting out black fumes out.

How many cities have implemented CNG???

A Handful,bcz we are not concerned of the ppl dieing, we are concerned abt vote bank/media & hype as long as we r a minister.
Our health minister says, "UK implemented the ban jus like ours & half the ppl quit smoking"

Now UK is completely different, they have high literacy rate & ppl dont smoke BIDIS in chimney factories.
& moreover they implemented anti pollution laws first before anto smoking laws.
I live in bangalore, a metro of my country & i m a smoker, i can say, i spend 2 hrs of my day on the road & i m a smoker too & i can say, my health is equally affected by my smoking habbit as well as me on a polluted road for 2 hrs.
A percent of our population smokes, but our whole population is on the road.
We will have anti smoking bans but we wont ask ppl to start using public transport to reduce pollution that jus dsnt affect us now but our whole generation & even the next generation.

I m nowhere in favour of smoking,though i m a smoker but than we have to give rights to ppl to choose what they want to do.Ppl in USA Are becoming obese but that dsnt mean u"l ban French fries.
And moreover if u r concernerd abt a non smoker than please for heaven's sake shut those black fuming vehicles.

Moreover, if you go deep into the ban, it becomes even more baseless.

"You are not allowed to smoke at public places but you are allowed on the road & parks"
Now i think our health minister forgot his primary education as to which are public places & which are semi pvt.
Nobody was allowed to smoke in malls,theatres anyways, nobody was saying against it or anything.
But not allowing ppl to smoke in pubs,bars etc where of done a routine check,9/10 ppl would be smokers.
I think that 1 guy whos a non smoker should be allowed at that place, but than thats not right too bcz everybody has RIGHTS.
So now you don't allow ppl to smoke in pubs & bars, but you allow them on the road.
So now smokers are on the road & parks & affecting ppl more than before.

A Perfect example would be an IT Company with some 25k employees, just see what happens outside the premesis at lunch time, i hope i can take a pic of that one day and show to Ramadoss.

So basically, the ban is on non justified reasons & is done to create a hype, our ministers have to ACT, bcz they are there to ACT, but the basis of the ACT as always will be unjustified.

Now hes coming up with another ban.

"Ban on liquor in public places like pubs,bars etc"

Now somebody tell him pubs & bars were created for ppl to consume liquor, they were not created so that ppl can come and have a snack after there morning jog.

Now he adds, " More ppl die out of passive drinking than passive smoking"
Now another theoritical concept of "passive drinking"

According to this concept, "An human being drives into the state of actions after noticing the environment around him & which alters his decision making process"

In other words, if i see a guy drinking, i"l get motivated to drink alcohol & loose my decision taking ability bcz i saw another person drinking or i saw an advertisement of it.

Now how in the world can somebody accept such non sense.
If we start considering these theoritical concepts than i think we"l come up with new definitions like "Passive Sex/Rape"
Wherein i"l get motivated to rape a girl,bcz shes wearing a mini skirt.
So lets ban mini skirts in public places like restaurants,cafes etc.

Our health minister has either lost hope in the brains of a human being living in this country (mayb he thinks everybody is like him)

More over when somebody popped the question "Why no drinking at pubs??? "
Isn't that seem a bit odd.

He said " wat do u expect fro me to ban drinking in temples,hospitals etc wherein ppl dnt drink neways"
Thats one lol comment u"l ever see.
Moreover our health minister dsnt go by stats which are produced after state wide bans of liquor in gujrat.

Stats show after ban "Gujrat is top on the list of states consuming alcohol products & tops the list in terms of spirited alchol which kills ppl "

Now if our health minister wants illicit alcohol players to enter the market & ppl start dieing more often than i think such a ban will be a great thing n we"l be luking frwrd to it.

Moreover i think he has lost his medical degree somewhere down the line.
"According to studies, moderate drinking is good for health"

According to his new mission "People won't be allowed to get high anymore"

Reasons, nobody knows , if this ban comes i think. it"l be more unjust than the former ban.

So lets assume next step by our govt will be:

"Dont inhale more air, ur taking oxygen from the ppl nearby, its bad for ther health or fines for farting at public places"

And mayb in future, "No mini skirts, no ads with a cleavage of a female etc etc "

Bcz according to theory, we mite develop instinct to rape a gal which we see the next time.

I think ramadoss, should show some faith in the mental abilities of the citizens of this country rather than using his theories on ppl.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I don't know how many of you reading this will agree,but according to me the only three evils of any society in the universe are Money,Sex & Food.
They affect our lives to such an extent that we Live only for them & end up dieing for them too.

Whenever i walk on the road,sniff the polluted air,hear that Buzz of vehicles & experience the surroundings.Something i used to do since i was a kid was to stand & jus observe flocks of ppl & wat they are doing & at times used to share a smile or a childish laugh with myself seeing there activities.
But now when i stand & see the crowd,i jus see a RACE,where humans are being converted into Horses or donkeys or watever that runs fastest and comes Cheap (Yeah..Cheap..This is a cheap race of Life) Winner is not the one who moves the fastest but the one who is consistent enough to do it EACH DAY becoz the Race is for each day & if u r participating,u can't be away from it for a single day,yeah but since the RACE is so hectic u can quench ur thirst with a gulp of entertainment provided by media or by using your resources for some luxurious drive aways.

Now the question is why all of dis started & When....

I think nobody has an answer to When,some say ppl went mad after industrial revolution & trade being promoted in various countries of GondavLand.
But i"l give my perspective on Why rather than When....

The answer to why is within these three evils.
Money,Sex & Food.

Our First evil is Money,
Humans kill humans to get these green labeled papers,cheating,fraud,schames & endless race of this utter chaotic world to increase the no. of 0s in ur bank balance.
I remember one quote,
The number of 0s increaes in ur bank balance,that Zeroes ur life by the same extent.
Money,Money.Money...Everybody is crying....Everybody wanna be BIG,have a GREAT Life & for that u need money. I think thats the worst concept. Initialyy in old times,Kings thought the same & wat happened to them is just a history in modern times.
But the difference now is that everybody is thinking like a KING in terms of how to enrich there lives & that is jus by money.
Hope future will jus take us & our such enriching thoughts as mere history pages & future generations will be much more artistic than just being labourous.
Today we r LABOURS with the atitude of a king.

Second Evil is SEX.
Its another kind of hunger other than having food that revives the animal inside.
Basically everything that u do is to have sex with another mate.According to me,money is a lesser evil than SEX becoz our animal instincts are still stronger than our ethics.

Mayb if u r reading this,this might be a part of the long tale leading u to a sex partner.
Ppl wear clothes,speak languages,come up with inventions etc ,jus to get laid somewhere else or the other.
A Right hand is indeed the greatest Gift.
The very much existence & evolution of socities leads to this evil,this is one evil that made humans to create hiarchies,designations,classes,regions,religion & wat not.
Religion was created to bound sex in a comminty.
Regions were created to bound the outreach of sex.
Classes,designations & Money created to define the BEST SEX Partner for a mate.
(Obviously i m not considering this holds true everytime,but who created all these was certainly SURE on wat hes trying to do.)
Everybody wanted POWER to SHOW Power & by showing power,u will get the best partner.
Deep down its jus the animal instinct governing.
Ppl working in NGOs,social welfare,even charity is a part of all this.

Third evil is food.
Ppl won't belv it,but the world would have been very different if we would have to eat Less or nothing at all.If everybody eats sun rays than we would have covered the whole sky & ppl would have lended air space for that too.
So its a different kind of evil,Its not a human created evil, its natural & thereby we never give importance to it too....

So thats how these three evils will continue to exist in present & mayb future socities.
But i hope some 10000 years from now the RACE started by these three evils will come to an end & souls will than only die in peace on this planet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

20 Myth Tales

Our college is one place connected through a local network,so whenever theres a news,ppl get to know it,but still there are myths about some of the stuff,Lets explore somethings which are n will always be a myth,if ppl will come out n accept they have done something,than mayb it will not be a myth (mayb) :

1)Do girls download P**n on a regular basis from DC,If they do,do they keep on comps???

2)Why do vella gang girls dnt get commited,roaming away with guys,being cheeky etc et,are some of em Lesbians???

3)Do AVK has a kid???

4)Murli is a drunkard???

5)Two chemical profs love each other??? (No Names :D)

6)Who was caught by ARC Head's wife & wat exactly were they doing,that made her fire a gud no. of letters to guys n chics parents.

7)Was there somebody caught naked in the main building??? & who mailed "i have fucked **** n many more girls to everybody"

8)Why Ghosh likes kerala girls???

9)No. of gays n lesbians on campus??? Do dey exist???

10)Does ah3-342 pees in his room???

11)Did a ground floor guitarist from AH4, once had a chic in his room allnight???

12)Who all have done it???

13)Is our present hostel assistant gay???

14)Which girl ran away with a goan in her first sem???

15)Why is achilles so Ch***** ???

16)Did one of my corri mates,cut his wrist for a girl???

17)Did our hostel ground floor mate,proposed to a Dha???

18)Was one of our hostel guy nailed a campus chic in iron maiden concert???

19)Who got pregnant in PS1???

20)LOL,Who started dis??? LOL

If you know stuff,feel free to share :D


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State

Today morning a frend of mine bumped into me with a resume of a Batchmate of mine (a female) who got into one of the best companies in software design & in geeky lingo is part of YMG ( nt talking of M & G,u r smart enough to guess it)

Now the things that shocked me were these.

First of all, me being an active student of my campus (Active in respect that i know What people r associated with what kinda clubs,fests etc etc & basically i know what shitheads do,what the geeks do & what do the other guys do), i just got shocked seeing a series of fake things in that CV of one female of my batch,who has got a VERY HIGH CGPA & is always in an around the profs in my dept.

In the extra curricular activities section, theres nothin but a series of lies, that anybody can testimony who would have known this person or has worked for the stuff this person has said that SHE DID.

The journals are not by her,since a publishing author requires to put names of students,she is dere.

The other thing that shocked me was that the points in the achievements & awards section???

Are they really worth mentioning,everybody who has come to BITS,If not all 9/10 guys down are here School toppers or school subject toppers, if ppl start mentioning all this the resume will never end, Will it???

U can write this also then,i got a choclate from my dad when i nursed my sick CAT, thats a fckin better achievment i guess.

Now why m i furious, I don't care what people like dis female do, but i am affcted by the flaw in the system.

People will come,write any fake thing on there resume,just becoz they have something known as a strong CGPA & nobody will question the credibility of the facts they have given.

It affcts me more, becoz the stuff that she fakes reduces or nullifies the effort of someone who put his heart or soul into that activity which according to her fake facts is done by her.

Moreover, i m affected by the fact, that just to secure a better future, they fake stuff without knowing the fact that any lie on ur credentials will affct you n only you in the future.
Mayb thats why pink slips are so common to freshies these days, who cheat in talent acquisition process & then fail to deliver.

Moreover, i m affected by the system that judges such fake & irrelevent points.

Moreover, this person has been caught CHEATING in the compree exam not once but twice, but just becoz this person has a gud reputation amidst profs becoz of her slogging power has got away there also whereas a frend of mine who is 100 times more talented than the above person was made to go though loads of shrugging & in the end gettin a 0 in the exam ( yeah..lab exam not compree) jus becoz they guy has a low GPA.

Thereby i pity on the system which identifies such fake identities as the REAL Jewels of the college's pride. I pity on a college,which will put these guys as dept toppers who in turn is reducing there credibility.

I can now say, i no more regret the fact that i m not a student with high GPA, becoz even after scoring so high within the system, i have to fake credentials, than it was never worth it !!!

Now heres the resume of the person,hope u"l know who she is (i"l jus put a few things to avoid myself from some small trouble) :


Acquire proficiency in the field of VLSI Design (ASIC/Board/FPGA) and emerge as a valuable member of your team by associating with novel professionals and utilizing my skills and achievements in the above field.

Date Of Birth 16th January, 1987

University: Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani Goa Campus

Discipline: B.E. (Hons.)Electrical & Electronics Engineering CGPA: 9.75

Academic record:

    S.No. Class / Degree Board / University % / CGPA
    1 10th Standard Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) 88.4%
    2 12th Standard Indian School Certificate (ISC) 91.75%

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Circuits and Signals
  • Analog and Digital VLSI Design
  • Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
  • Analog Electronics
  • Electronic Devices and Integrated Circuits
  • Microprocessor Programming and Interfacing
  • Microelectronic Circuits
  • Communication Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming,
  • Data Communication & Networks
  • Electrical Sciences
  • Electromechanical energy Conversion
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
  • Effective Public Speaking

Projects Undertaken

1. Modeling and Design of Microcantilever Sensors. This project was aimed at providing the comparison of frequency response of different shaped microcantilever beams. Performance was based on the basis of both resonant frequency and geometrical parameters. Research and experiments carried out revealed that the overall cantilever design that produced optimum sensitivity was the rectangular shaped microcantilever.

2. Electrical Requirements of BITS Pilani-Goa Campus from 2004-2010.This mammoth project aims at forecasting the electricity requirements of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus in the near future. This shall be based on the consumption in the previous years and the present growing demands of the campus.

Technical Skills

Tools- Xilinx ISE, Orcad Capture, Orcad PSPICE, Microwind

Languages- C\C++, C#, Java, VERILOG, VHDL, HTML

Applications- Matlab, Autocad

Practice School-1 station

ANZ Operations & Technology, Bangalore.


“ANZ Code Review Commenter”: Code review is a main activity during the development phase of the project. Technology Experience development team did the code review but it was not documented. As a member of the Enterprise Content Management Team I developed a tool in Visual Studio .NET to log all the code review comments. This mechanism captured all peer-peer review comments during the construction phase of the project.


1. Published research paper on “Modeling of Different Shaped Microcantilever for sensing applications” in the Journal “Nano Science & Nano Technology: An Indian Journal” (2008)

2. Research paper on “Modeling of Rectangular Microcantilever beams for Different Materials” in the Journal, Materials Science, Poland.

Academic Awards/Distinctions/Achievements

1. Ranked in top 4 in the EEE & I Group at BITS.

2. Recipient of BITS PILANI Merit Scholarship throughout the course of studies at

BITS- Goa.

3. School Topper at Higher Secondary level (2005).

4. Awarded ABC Memorial Trophy, Outgoing 12th Topper in Chemistry (2005)

5. Awarded “Brain of Sacred Heart Convent School” (2003)

6. Awarded “Overall Academic Excellence Award” (2003).

7. Awarded Prem Mahalingam Memorial Shield, Outgoing 10th Topper in Biology.

8. Secured 1st position in ABACUS (2002)

Participation in extra-curricular activities (LOLEST!)

1. Chief Organizer, Zephyr-2007, the Annual Intra College Cultural Tech Fest, BITS Pilani-Goa Campus. (Cultural Tech Fest?? Really??)

2. Member, Organising Committe, Quark 2006, the Annual Tech Fest of BITS Pilani-Goa Campus. (LOL!)

3. Organiser, Diwali Celebrations, 2007

4. Member, Social Service Club, BITS Pilani-Goa Campus (WTF!)

5. Member, Literary & Debating Club, BITS Pilani-Goa Campus.

6. Participated in Tata Steel Adventure Foundation’s River Rafting and Rappelling


7. Blue belt holder, Karate

8. Member, Duke of Edinburgh (?????)

9. Play shuttle badminton. (oh realy! ROFL)

Due to something the post gt deleted,hence im postin the comments n views of other ppl here too :

1)Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

waah bc 88% aaya 10th mein aur itne awards ... mera to 94 tha kuch nahi mila wtf ....

kitna jhut

2)Pranav has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

abe blue belt hai...sambhal ke...:P
baki to mast tha...roflest cv!!

3)Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

Such people are a disgrace to the college... and clearly show their motto in life- "It is just about getting there, doesnt matter how". They forget one thing though..what goes around comes around...

4)Abhinav Raj has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

Best blog post ever read by me....Shubh u hv done a gr8 job....Seriously it hurts some1 like us who aftr working so hard have gained the ritght to write such description nd people widout doin nething write such fake things nd get thru...hope d YMG people read ur post nd grant a pink slip to such a person...i seriously wish....

Abhinav Raj has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

1. Chief Organizer, Zephyr-2007, the Annual Intra College Cultural Tech Fest, BITS Pilani-Goa

3. Organiser, Diwali Celebrations, 2007 4. Member, Social Service Club, BITS Pilani-Goa Campus (WTF!)

LOLEST EVER...!!!! i must say

6)Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

really sad state ..... bloody plagarisers ....... BURN IN HELL ....... chief organizer zephyr ..... pata bhi hai zephyr kya hota hai ........ Social service club yeh kab aaya .....?

7)bloke has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

meri behen hai... lol
bahut jhooth bolti hai

maaf kar de


the cheating thing had really shokced me as well, but if it helps , it was APK's decision to let her go and not VKD's

8)Voodoo! has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

choos on fire...!

9)ohitdesa has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

-pray tell, do we even have a 'cultural-techfest'?
-was she even a part of the OrgCo in 2006? dont remember seeing her around at all!
-do we have a social service club in coll?
-trust me! i havent seen her debate at ALL!
-(i wouldnt have said this in public, but....) ya'll all know what 'member' means, rt? :-P

10)Tanaya Srivastava has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

omg... am seriously shocked after reading the "CV"... how can someone lie so blatantly??!! i, for one, can vouch for some of the points in the "CV" being totally untrue... also, having seen ppl like dis person, i know for sure that they can go to any lengths to get "marks"... irrespective of the actual understanding of the subject... whether it is copying each and every lab report, or faking results in d lab, or the ultimate - "cheating in comprees"...
its high time when BITS, d administration, d profs, and d others realized that "good CGPA" does not necessarily mean "good student".

11)BITSGian has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

In case you are reading this, be aware that we are not silent witness to
the unacceptable state of affairs that you have so stupidly exploited. Yes, its not clever, its stupid
because in the long run you will regret it.

You can fool some people all the time, or all people some of the time, but not fool all people all the time. Whether or not you have a conscience, You will see that someday you will burn in the same fire you have ingited in the heart and minds of many many bitsians
who have been disgraced by this (and many other) act of yours.

I'm sure what goes around comes around, and in due course of time you too will realize that, and I hope you suffer when you do realize, because
it would be too late for you to change over. But as a sincere bitsian, PLEASE DO NOT DISGRACE THE NAME OF BITS AND FELLOW BITSIANS IN WHATEVER YOU

12)Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

...gud work choos...
..but does c really require to fake tht much to get tht job as in c got selected bcoz c is a nonmale n yahoo ppl wants to maintain sex ratio....newys hu cares ...abt her...but the system of bits like tht v r abt to ...leave tht HELL(BPGC) cheers for surviving in hell.
BOND (ur Ps1 sharer)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

hey come on, how can u fake they dont ask for certificates??kya??

14)Ravemzsdin has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

ya dey dont as of now

soumyadeep has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

arre lite ley... in case u dint notice, wrong ppl have been gettin 2 gud places all d time in BPGC... ull get wht u deserve n one day, so will they...

bullshit mite take sum1 to d top, but it wont keep them thr...

and ppl for heavens' sake dont write comments as anonymous... who d fuck r u afraid of neway?

16)Ravemzsdin has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

Its nt abt me daa, I dnt care where will i go :) waise bhi as long as i get chips+cola, im happy :)

nd yaa no anony plz :)

17)saurabh sinha has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

sad state of things... :| blatant lies, false credentials... ridiculous...

18)hash has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

A sad day for i also din get awards for 92..:(..and i was also icse :X

hash has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

I am as much of an organiser as she more actually..asst event manager quark 0.0 :P

20)kniOledge ( Oink ) has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

haha mast. Choos zindabad.

Hey, we'll do something . Let whoever this is get a job in some top company. Then wham ! send an anonymous mail next year saying : I know what you did last summer :P

21)ankit has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

dnt wry dude..if i get into d same company...i will torture her like hell and later make sure that she is thrwn out of the company :) heeheh did u get a hand on this ? :)

22)Angad has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":


23)sumit agarwal has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

this girl is such a disgrace to BPGC... i never saw her in any extra curricular activities...and the awards section is simply..OMFG

24)Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

no comments! :O

25)rDx has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

way to go choos.... \m/

26)tarun sharma has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

yoyoy oink in form..seriously guys itz jus her whose cv is out..jus think of so manny 9pointers whu r dere(barrin sm hopeflly)..wat da hell dey wld hav written jus to gt a job whch dey wld have got eventually..js goes onto show the aim of such ppl..get it at any cost..hope dere are limts ;)..wel to think abt it humne to col mein kuch kiya hi nahi padai in logo ne lik "zephyr cultural techfest(lolest ever)" in logo ne organise wonder bits goa is going great guns :P

27)Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

Hats off to choos....
seriously good work

@desa: Ya we do have "Social Service Club, BITS Pilani-Goa Campus"
Don't u see their members @ monginis or nescafe... feeding DOGS :P

28)soumyadeep has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

why wait till next yr? send one during ps... i know what u did last semester :P

29)Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

Hmm...lives in my corridor.. and I was among the first to read such blatant lies on paper. Good job choos!
I have no words to express what I want to do to her...really..mast!

30)Full Of Life has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

Hmmm...I was the first to read such blatant lies on paper. Lives in my corridor and must say it is a truly great feat to bring this out in the open.
Great job!!!
n yes no certificates are checked ...thats the saddest part.
People take so much undue advantage of their fake mugged cgpa's. Its sad.

Hers her comment & see shes boasting that she DID IT & GOT THRU ...THUEST..
Akshita here ...
I reaallly must say u have made me famous...
but all those people who are givin me advice on ths had al the time in the world to write your responses..but did u try to verify how true this was b4 accusin me !!!
1.wid that objective in ur resume if any1 can get thru yahoo then seriously that person shud be the 8th wonder of this world...
2.dwnload clinston paul's resume frm dc n u wil see the same objective there seriously must say the person who has made ths up in my name has put in all the efforts...
3.There was a phrase "Fashion Parade" in Chief Organizer, Zephyr-2007, the Annual Intra College Cultural Tech Fest, BITS Pilani-Goa which has been deleted by the person concernd ...n i am not that big a fool to write "CULTURAL TECH FEST"...the person who has done ths i guess must have been in a BIGGG hurry ...

4.Busy people like you all might not have had the time to google n find out about duke of edinburgh..i wil giv u all the link :
do chek it out n get the membership if u can ...they take u all to these awesome camps ..n even arrange for rapelling n stuff

I wil continue wid this later ...but thanks for being so genuinely concernd abt me ...wil never let u ppl dwn .. :)

31)me, as i am has left a new comment on your post "Faking Credentials !!! A Pity State":

sad state of affairs...

Monday, August 25, 2008

20 tales of Drunk Men

On the occassion of we drinking the maximum amount of beer at one go (dat too with half the valeno Gang), Yeah we drank 9 litres of Fosters,I"d like to share a few funny moments when people got drunk or some stuff associated with this godly habbiit of ours.

1)Coming back from Panjim, Nath singing 70s hindi songs all along the way,He must be Drunk !!!

2)Tripathi wearing a Jacket & a tie on coming back from farewell nite @ Bogmalo & Yeah he was'nt wearing any Shirt.
He must be feeling Hot.

3)Daddy searching for Hash in the lawn & Pazzy smoking it in his room alone thinking its Classic !!!

Why does it always happens wid Daddy???

4)Chimp puking in ananthasram & 10 girls seeing him, trying there level best to identify him as a BITSian.

Chics don't know Chimp is d only On Campus-DLPD Student.

5)Me going to her with Whisky bottle in my pocket :D

I was Drunk !!!

6)Jazzy & Nath both broke there legs trying to play football, okk They were drunk too otherwise They play good. LOL

7)Tripathi puking in my room & then sleeping & rolling over it till morning.

His First reaction : "Whhatt the phukkkk !!!! Bihaariiii taaalaa toddd "

8)Alex distributing Dunhill to kids as if it is Candy !!!

Alexs will be a good father after having a quarter of IB. LOL

9)Tripathi asking Monginis guy after a Valeno session : "Bhaiyaa, Pantyy hai kya??? " After getting no response "Accha 2 de do "

He was asking for patty but dunno why he said that??? LOL

10)Chandy peeing in front of prestigious Birla tower in Pilani :D

Proud to be a bitsian,His feeling that must be !!!

11)Champu telling about His Chachi !!!

Thats Champu when drunk for you.

12)Daddy having a Liver Problem !!!

We"l Miss Daddy in our future gatherings & his special poses for pics when hes Drunk.

13)Raghav questioning apoorv for half an hour, "Hum yaha ker kya rahey hain ??? "

I don't know the ans to that :D

14)Harsh not smiling even after drinking a good amount !!!

Mayb he wants more !!!

15 ) I Forgot our dear Nbabu, who tried beer for the first time with two chics :D

Thats a big thing !!! Starting the journey with two chics !!! Though he spilled beer on them as his hands was shaking as always.

Find solutions to the above problem of Nbabu, i don't like beer being wasted :D

16)-20)These times i was Drunk more than others so i don't remember them :D
But than who cares

There won't be any alone soul in the corridor, there will be Beer Always !!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Abhinav Bindra India Wins Gold in 10m Air Rifle Sport

Here is a video that"l make every Indian proud !!!

Specially when you hear your national anthem at such an event & ur flag higher than others .

Friday, August 8, 2008

20 Funny Tales

We are a bunch of guys pursuing engineering & here are a few incidents which happened or were told to us by some of us only.

1)Snehanth (Fuck..Google gives an alternative to that name i.e Lanthanum) aka Mianard got drunk one day & started singing 70s songs & that too hindi. Than he told us about the famous tale of how he happened to be part of an incest incident...LOL.. Now thats why they say,don't drink extra tequila that too worth 250 bucks.

2)Snehanth got drunk & got caught on the gate,admins called his mom & his reply, "Mom,i saw pirates of Caribbean last night & they were drinking SOMETHING, so i thought i"l gv it a try, Mom its not my mistake,i was just imitating them"

One question for Nathyy:

Whoaaa....fucking how can you lie after drinking more than 2 quarters :)

3)Chimp once said, "When i was small my parents took me to a psychiatrist & i asked the psychiatrist "Yeh duniyaa kyaa hai aur hum yaha kya ker rahey hai??? "

Now thats wat chimp is all about,ain't he???

4)Nbabu playing warcraft NUDE !!!!

WTF...Does dat improve gameplay???

5)Punit trying to peep into chimp's room on his bday & then fell down laughing & running, "Never told..WTF was chimp doing??? "

6)Me intercepting a chic's chat saying "Hash is a sweet, long haired guy"

WTF....hes a chic??? Ask raghav man !!!

7)Appu faking he has a GF specially to fool me & making up the whole story.

Faaakk....Im so DUMB... Appu & Chics?? No NOOOOOOOOO... Naaahh he ain't gay..

8)Budhha : "Mujhey barfii dooo, main bhi khaaungaa" , Appuuu : "Yahin khaa le,uske liye le jaane nahin dengey"

9)"U know ___S is a celebrity"

LOLest Ever

10)Raghav fucking puked in my room on last day & then fell from the bed, while i was searching for him in the whole hostel,bastard was lying on my floor only.

11)Gogo: "Ajunta" Harsh : "Sahiii main...Sahii main.....ahhahahha "

12)Daddy : "I was making out with that chic & dat fucking dog bit me....."

13)Bihari : "Choos..ab hum barney banagey" Choos : "WTF..kuch bhii...Sutta de "

14)Daddy : "Search for my hash...faaakkk" Choos " Okkkkk I shaall search.....Ohhh taaalaaa mil gayaa.....taalaa mil gayaaa...fuckingg taalaa mil gayaaa "

15)Chandy peeing in front of "BITS,pilani tower" & KT Shouting "haraamkhorrr...chipppaaaa...KCH "

16)Akaaash shouting "Ganjeyyy MOR "

17)Sepultara : "GM " Helen of troy : "Good morning"

18)Bhasin looking in mirror : "You are looking AWSOME !!! "

19)Dhyaani : "Diary's Plezzzzz " Champu : "MC..tere baaap ki diary hai....." Akaash : "WTF "

20)Manish : "Diwaliii kuon nahi mana rahey" Mudit : "MC...diwalii ho gayii..tu so raha tha..."

Some of them i don't remember well, so might be different from actual, but still they are freaking awsumeeee

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I Dunno where it is moving,
I Dunno am i rising or sinking,
I Dunno its a breeze or a storm,
I Dunno its right or wrong
But Mayb i am not Alone !!!

For a very long time, i have been accessing other people accounts,some in college,some school mates,some of them whom i don't even know.
Today i was going through one such account & read a few conversations about how there lives are turning BIG,these guys are going to USA,start there lives & live there dreams.

Yeah !!! Dreams that word struck me & suddenly it came to me what am i doing???

Presently, i am just trying trying to find out what interests me, i have been successful in chalking out a couple of things but its still vague & the path is a difficult one.

These days, i see every guy/gal around me preparing for GRE/CAT. People want to go to USA,study hard & in the end earn pride && Loads of bucks,Marry a hot chic or in case of chics itself marry a guy with a hefty salary that too in USD :)

Or ppl want to be a MBA,get there degree from the prestigious B-Schools & then they do the same.

For the past few years,i have been listening to these things & have been asking myself, What do you want to do??? Actually,These days the question is "Wat the fuck do u want to do??? "

Everytime i asked myself GRE/CAT???,which is the usual two options after being an engineering graduate in India.
I always ended up with a "No",ppl are amused after seeing such a reaction but i have my own reasons.
I see people going for such courses just for the sake of pride & money.
Some people have interests but majority of them do not even know wat is there interest???

I was going through one such US MS/Phd aspirant account & found that he din even know which universities to go for which he has to choose after closing her GRE Score which was around some 1500,leave apart the course/interest he wants to pursue.

About such cases.i can see it was good that there parents have enough money to shell out to get there wards signed up for a degree in USA.

Nevertheless,my point is why should i do something which doesn't interest me,i defied my undergrad learning of electronics becoz it absolutely doesn't interest me & did whatever i wanted to do, be it leaning programming,hacking or writing a couple of shitty ebuks on my college girls.

Second thing about all this is the money race, everybody wants to be rich,nobody wants to do what they actually want to do???
Thats why India is so short of acclaimed artists,Indians are worldwide known for doing routine jobs & than China gives them competition there too.

My parents call me eccentric when i say, i want to do something that makes me happy rather than i get to dine in a five star hotel every weekend.

I hate being tied up to something & do it the regular way whereas i see everybody just doing it the other way round.

I want to shout & say, i fucking don't want to be MS or MBA just becoz everybody around me is doing that.

But i dunno,whether i am doing something wrong becoz its like i see myself sitting & exploring a few things while others are already in the race.

Mayb dwon the years people will call me a looser but i want to be a happy looser rather dan a sad,tired winner !!!

We all are like a dyslexic student, who are asked by everyone around us to be First in there class.

Life is a race but not if you don't want to come first !!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our First Comic-Strip

[Ckick on the picture for enlarged view]

Last Night, as usual we were having a funny discussion & somebody cameup with that lets put our wild thoughts to a comic.

So heres the first one,
Its called CRAG ~~ Choos,Raghav,Appu & Gogo

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earn Money Using Google Ad-Sense

Hers a simple way of earning money using google Ad-Sense, Most of the ppl think that these thinks seriously does not work or ppl like you and me can't earn any money using this.

I initially used to think that only, but after a few months, i have earned some 11 USD without trying anything hard & just blogging about my life and interests.

I hav'nt done anything special, just signed up for adsense !!! & Here it is..

U can sign up easily using the the link given on the top right of this blog only [Under New Bloggers@Web]


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Me & Bengaluruu

I was thinking to write something since many days but was'nt able to pen it down becoz of the hectic/monotonic/Fuck-Shit schedule of mine.

Today as my mentor has seen me sitting in the office & went by me without asking me to come & sit with him and code for the next few hours with him for an ongoing project.
I like that part but i dread too.
I like it becoz it ain't C, so im learning something new. I hate it becoz i have to sit in front of the machine & program it there, but the catch is that its a pain in the ass & that pain is real not literal.

If the mentor is not in the mood to work today, mayb i"l b able to complete this post which can turn out to be lengthy.

About Home:
We live in a Guest House...Yeah we enjoy all luxuries of a guest...LOL... Jus kidding..Sleeping is difficult..ain't it...
Courtesy Appu aka Apoorv we have found the best acco we could have found in this city.
Why is it the best???

Ohh We get Food & Andaaas...Three of us can smoke though after closing the door.
Its in NGV, koramangala. I dunno whether bangalore junta knows about this place or not but there are hot chics everywhere which has forced Appu to walk from Forum to our place i.e 2.5 kms, So that he can get a glimpse of 50 odd hotties on an average run of 2.5 kms.

If at all he turns lucky, though the probabilty of it is minimal, then ppl like Gogo aka Vivek might turn up walking a bit more too.

Raghav likes this place, becoz he gets to see MTV Splitsvilla on the TV & then cry "Saaaley kaise Ch***** hai , Hoorjan ko kaise nikaal saktey hai..."

Fucking....Im turnin gay...LOL...

Nevertheless, everybody likes this place..
Ohh about me, i like it becoz everybdy is together, so i don't feel like we are away from goa when we enter our room in which Appu is always crying "Kuch nahi hogaa humaara" or "Mera saccha pyaar mil gaya"

About office:
I like the way they work, they are a growing company so everybody does everybdys work, thers not such distinct chain of command that is followed here.
Ppl are really frendly out here & i can talk to my mentor after having a Cig.
Murthy, the only other guy in my PS as an intern is kinda funny & funny things keep happening to him. one such is that he Got his machine in front of his mentor, whos kinda strict, so he can't chat,finally after lot of trial & errors, he has got a place in the "Intern Zone" as i call it, where ppl come pretty early & leave late.Naaah..Not much work we do...LOL..

As per freedom is considered, i watched a movie online & a downloaded a couple of them, as far as murthy is concerned, he has downloaded some 10 gigs of Other LANGUAGE movies.

Yeah..but two days back, i got my location changed & put on wireless rather dan LAN Cable connectivity, so im not liking it, as i always like the hard way round.

My fav tp @ office is listening to music,reading stuff online, Google & Hacking, Yeah..i cracked a few accounts of some ppl of other nationality & can access there paypal & ebay accounts, but im not gonna misuse as she said "Ppl say don't date a Hackor, if he does something & get caught, they"l question his GF"
Lol@ above, but im not crossing the line neways.

About Traffic:
Fuck Shit. Thats the best i can describe it.
U can have sex with a chic while you are on a red light down here, they are fucking so long & irritating.
My fav tp@ Traffic is to talk to her

About Weather:
Its fucking cold, now even for me.As far as bangalore junta is feeling it, i saw a few guys with leather jackets...LOL

About Smoking:
One in the morning,one post lunch, one pre tea,one@NGV, two@room.
That rounds upto 1+1+1+1+2 == 6

About Drinking:
One thought "Goa is freaking awsome...Go Goa..", that describes it all i think.
Though, after listening to that tanker daddy (My neighbor) has some liver problems,im thinking to cut down this to Zero.
Bangalore for me till now has been just about Beer i guess on weekends as far as my drinking exp is concerned.

I think that sums it all for today..
Hope to write something soon after this.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Apoorv's Poetry @ PS2

Mazaak ban kar reh gayi hai ye internship aisi..Russel Peters ke live show jaisi..
Jinse khud ke pc se virus nahin nikale wo ab Antivirus banayenge..jinko thoda bahut computers ka pata hai wo baith kar machinein hilaayenge...
Mujh jaisa phoota naseeb to koi kabhi nahin paayega.

Ab ganje Search Engine banane lage to salla sar kaun khujaayega..
Jeewan mein dikhi thi aasha ki jo kiran thodi..Wo to salli married nikali maa ki lodi..
To iss sab ka ek hi nishkarsh nikalta hai..jise jo chahiye use wo kabhi nahin milta hai...
Aur iss mismatch ke game mein to main naa chaah kar bhi awwal aoonga...

agar nakamiyabiyon ke paise milne lage phir to chand par bhi ja paoonga..

This poem's IP Is secured by apoorv anand vajpayee, an intern at oracle & a sad BITSian

Monday, July 14, 2008

Being an Electronics Engineer

Yeah... Sounds cool but its fuckin difficult & even more for a guy like me who doesnt share d same passion fr circuits as i have for software designs..
But luckily (Yeah...) i found something for myself in this dangerous world of electronics where i can use my favorite part of electronics to do something useful..
Yeah there's onle one part of electronics i like and that is to create system designs which we were taught in Digital electronics & Computer organisation, one of the few subjects which i liked n scored gud too...

So i m given to work on Labview graphical programming & since most of my work would be in event driven programming , im these days learning and kinda bugged by state machine architecture.
Those of you who don't understand state machines, plz google it out or ask amalin to teach u, (Amalin == God)

Till now it seems kinda easy but den when i strted gettin into it, its kinda gettin complicated.
Right now i m stuck at a place where multiple case structures are use concurrently to attain parralelism in the code.

This thing gets a bit more compliacted than coding becoz in coding as in u code an application/UI/Framework, the C/I have done the small bits of work for you to a gud extent.

For example, writing a program to light an LED with some delay include boggling of mind too in this case.

I"l show you some of the cluttered screenshots while i was wrking on this studio :

This is my work on analyzing signals & filtering the noise out of it (Whiote noise type):

This my work on creating a coke vending interface wherein u put coins & it gvs a can out, this involves state machines :

So this was my one week journey with labview, have to go on with it for a few days more & then lets see they don't dump me into PLC.

Cyaa.. Enjoyy.. nd have a fucking bad time at ur ps stations...LOL

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Corridor of 2009

Here is an insight into the world of a few BITSians whom i can call as my frend forever & most importantly I m dere frend.
I thought about writing a few things but then u can't best describe through words at times, u can describe through images/signs.So i thought i"l cm up with a picture story to describe "the corridor of 2009"

So here it is....
Thats Called Being "Different"
Two mates with completely different backgrounds & "Aadats" as dey say but still mane a things in common.On the left is "Nath" or scratch Nath,who wudn't hv been in the pic if there wud have been more vodka on WAVES08 Nite.Hope u din miss the incident.
Nath suffers from a lot of diseases, most dangerous being "MIA", its actually an actress that Maynard is obsessed to an inexpressible extent.
One the right is "Arpat",He suffers from a disease known as "Being in EEE",which is curable onle after you pass out from BITS or commit suicide here & help other EEE guys.but his Suicide ain't gonna help becoz of obvious REASONS.
So here they are Nath & Arpat.&Look out for Arpat's Hand, he is obsessed with destroying other guys suit in the pictures :)
Arpat's Fav TP : Playin Dota & "logo ki lena" with proest sincere comments.
Nath's Fav TP : Ahhhh Scratchin,Smoking & Mia,All of em are deadly for him :)

Dats Called Being "DeCSperate & EccEEntric"
Two mates who add flavour to the corridor team.The Left One is Lethal.His life at times has one motive i.e Kisi ki itni lo ki woh saala suicide ker le aur uski Maayiat aka Death ceremony per free ka khaana mil jaaye.Ohh i forget to introduce him. He is our very own Apoorv Anand Vajpayee.Naam se seedha baccha but I can bet issey bada "ITEM" u can never meet in ur life.
According to apoorv, hum logo kuch bhi kerle humaara kuch nahi ho sakta aur ladkiyo ke case mein to bilkul hi nahi ho sakta. Desperate for food & obviously girls & gets eccentricly Gatish at times.
Talking of eccentricity, U can't beat the guy on the right. Buddha aka Sid aka Sid_bloke , is obsessed with CHANGES of every kind. Has one aim in life, to try every fuckin thing on the planet, dese days hes trying "Being Commited" :) .The largest Porn sharer on the LAN,gt an award for that. LOL.He is the caretaker of two kids in the initial semester i.e Hash & Nath, the name buddha comes from that, but these days d kids have strted smoking too much & d virtual dad is busy wid something else..hehehe....
Yaa... Y dese two together??? LOL... i"l tell y..
Apoorv has predicted that Sid will be d first one to get divorced [For reasons ask the man himself]
So here they are together,if the prediction goes true, i hope both of them will luk at the above pic & shed a smile.

Lets Move on....

Thats Called Being "Happy & Silent"
Have a Close luk at the pic, It luks like a perfect couple.. [ I know both of em ain't gonna like d comment LOL ] To be more precise, these are partners in all kinds of stuff.U"l later get to know how.
The person on the left is Gogo aka Vivek. Don't worry, hes not related to crime master Gogo in neway, nevertheless hes harmless.Gogo is one of d most 'happiest' species in the corridor, who at times seem to be so carefree that the affect starts to show on other mates. Gogo is the proud member of the Valeno Gang, about which i"l tell later.
One thing that gogo has taught us all is how to be up all night during examz. Hes a master at that right from the first semester.All in all, dats called being "Happy"
Now Coming to one of d most respected,feared about personality of the corridor. For the Corridor junta, Dats called "Being Harsh" but for the rest dats called "Being Silent".
If you poll it out amidst the corridor junta, who are u feared of, 9/10 will say "Harash Babu".
To me, Hes like an elder brother, but yaa a spoiling one too.. if u are corridor junta.. u"l knw y hes a spoiling one.One of d most serious guys, i have seen in my 20 yrs of life. Hope he gets a bit fizzy in the coming years.
Why these two together???? Trivia Time---------
Ans: Harsh was the only drinker on the table, then gogo tuk a glass one BDAY & then it was history & legacy continued to Valeno Gang.

Thats Called Being "Bitchy & Horny"
I know i know i know, if gals are reading this where there hands are..yaa its around there hair, checking "this guy has longer hair than me".
Yaa... Thats called being "Bitchy", Bitchy in the sense that hes the only so called CHIC of our corridor & hence the guys are even more reluctant towards BITS Gals becoz after seeing Hash,u think thers competition coming up.
Obsessed with two most unpredictable things 1)Hair & 2)Beckham
If you don't get any job from BITS, i have got two nice opportunities for u ppl. If you are a gal, seduce the guy & marry him. He has got loads of money & he drinks only Lime Soda & eats Chaat...If u r a guy, udaa lo saale ko... becoz ransom mein accha paisaa milegaa... nd even if u dnt get d ransom, the accessories & clothes will be worth sm 10-15k if ur luck is gud.
I Hope the guy does'nt get boils on his head becoz hes going to a desert for 6 Months.
The guy on the right is the only bengali in the corridor. Leave apart kolkota, hes not proud of bengal becoz they are revolutionists, hes proud becoz Kolkota has the largest "Red light area" in asia. Dats called Being "Paraaai" aka "Mitraaa" aka "Perrr Boyaaa". His comp is dead & is used to run all kinds of Porn.Paraiii has Data about each BITSian Babe "numbers"...Naaah.. not contact numbers.. these are other numbers.. hope u gt it...To patofy a chic, d guy once told a gal, he won some national award for creating some prototype on wireless electricity...ahhahahha...RESULT..He never got a reply again from the gal.
So dats called being "Horny" :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unforgettable Memories

I Can jus say that "It can't Get better" & if something can be better "It has to be here only"...Yeah i m talking of Goa, Our beloved destination where some of us are spending wat we call as "The Best Days Of Our Lives".

For the past few Days,the weather down here has jus been awsome, regrets to all those students who left the place bcz of holi holidays...Jus pray to god dat it remains dere when u return back...

As usual, the weather has forced me to write another blog. i m on my comp tapping in words listenin to music nd at d same time thinkin abt sm1 :)

As thoughts are passing by, i just thought that how my stay on college has been something which is one hellova an experience.
Its like a journey, to be more of a voyage, where u get to see so mane things, sense a lot of stuff nd learn a lot too...
& Above all its a voyage where u will meet all kinds of people, some of them will leave an impact on u for your whole life while some of them will always bring a smile to ur face.

Its a journey full of emotions,where each one of us have laughed at each and every small joke made by a frend/mate & also when u have cried alone in ur bed after closing d door slowly after a loss.

Its a journey where u have walked on the lanes jumping & hopping in joy & at times u have been on a lonely road with your head down.

Here u have cheered at ur frend's victory & consoled him at a loss too..

Here u have seen the flowers blossom in spring while u have seen d clear skies with ferocious sun on ur head too..

U have flirted with women here, Here u have fallen in love & here only u have been hurt too..

This is the only place where everybody of us have experienced a phenomenon known as "Life"

A Life full of mixed emotions, but a life which will be memorable not only to you but also to many around you.

The best days as people quote often doesnt only come from the joyous moments shared by you and other during the process.
These are & will be the best days of our lives, becoz these will be the days we"l always look back when we"l b happy and when we"l b said.
I wanna quote something wrt this :
"Never forget the Men who were with you, becoz they will be the ones who"l give u company in heaven"

I can bet nobody can forget the time spent down here.
Some of us had changed from kidos to wat in sometime known as professionals.

There has been a subtle change in each personality,its as if a portrait has adopted itself to the new colours added to it.

I can jus say that its a lifetime experience made wonderful by the company of like men.

I hope everybody cherished dere stay down down here..

Monday, February 18, 2008

BITSian Hackors@IOHC

I m here getting board with studies & Tests coming.So i thought lets pen down something which some of us never expected we could do.

Telling you more about the event,its an annual event organized by Programming Club, IITK & is clubbed along with IOPC ( The programming version of it) & was sponsored by Yahoo Research & Development.

By We, i meant a team of three students from my campus i.e BITS, Pilani Goa Campus, which is an infant, since it has seen only 4 yrs & some of the walls haven't lost there first paint streaks.

Before coming to this competition, two of us, me(Ravemzsdin) & Gaurav (Nick : Fazor), participated in a hacking competition known as Binary Pirates at our college only in our techfest, It was a bit different in the sense that it was inspired by "Flag capturing" competitions which are generaly organised at hackrs conferences worldwide & involved much of cracking into systems & services rather den jus playin with codes.
After a nail biting finish dere, (hehe..We fiddled with a few things at d last moment :) but den crackrs ain't supposed to be ethical), we ended up first there.
In the break, while talking to another team we gave a thought to go for IOHC. We played it last year, and unluckily we ended up 4th i.e consolation level.
IOHC07 Was something like a normal hunt the vulneribility type where u had to play with sql injections, steganography etc etc...

Since, we needed a team of three for here. We picked up another member for the squad, a guy junior to us but in ways more trickier den us guys. Rohan Anil was the 3rd member(Nick :DarkSideHack()r ).
And Luckily the team cud be called Team GRAS ( Somethin lucky for us).

So we were all set to go for the competition which got delayed by a few hours. But den it started & we were amazed to see the change in d pattern followed dis year.
This time it wasn't the race, who"l reach d bugs fastest, it was more of HACKing den cracking.

Problem statement was that we were given a piece of source of a website(A Banking system), which was usinh php+sql & for the first round we had to make d site secure in the best way possible & den the cracking of each other sites will start.

Rohan was pro at PHP, so he started rite away & we hosted a dummy version at our webserver & i started to find vulneribilities on our syste, , u can call it penetration testing.
After some hours, when all d basic vulneribilites were covered, we also added some extra security by fiddlin with our cookies so that if smbdy conducts a XSS Attack or cookie theft attack, it wudnt be possible for him to get control of the system.
All 5 hrs , me nd rohan exchnged mane a mails with the organisers & was fun as they enjoyed replyin to the stuff. Some funny comments were exchanged too :P, since i was mailing, they had to be there.
After some tea+smoke breaks & some hard testing, we finally submitted the secured site.

It was 1:30 AM In the night, the best part i like about IOHC is that it goes on in the night & i think all the budding crackrs get enthued by dark n silence,although i have my headfones on all the time, so silence never a prob.

Then we were waiting for cracking to start and by the time, Gaurav was back too.So were all set to go & this was the part which we all wud enjoy, becoz it gvs so much happyness when u crack into something (hehe..DOUBLE Meaning). But after waiting for some hours & me wastin a couple of marlboro's, we got to know that some Fckr has tried to fiddle with the hosting servers & the competition would resume at 5 in the eve next day.
We din like it but den we were doing it for fun, So let the fun continue & We slept thinking lets DO THEM TOMMRW.

Let me tell u the rules of the contest, The team whos site will be most secure & would have least vulneribilities & would be functional as a banking system(U can't fiddle with the logic), that would win & incase of a tie, the team who has cracked into more no. of sites will win.

Next Day (5PM) :
We all again got back to our comps & we were already mailed our passwords for loggin into scoring server.
A Mail contaning the links to other teams sites were there too..
But them something happened that destroyed our mood.
The links were not working for us, We tried and tried but no result, as per the organisers it was some problem with our ISP's Cache that links were not processed.
We tried everythin we could, but still it did'nt work. After some hours, both organsrs nd us gave up on accesing the links.The competition was ON & Other teams were doing there work. we were here trying to open dem leave apart cracking into dem.

After about 4 hrs, when we had just 2 hrs left into the competition, we got a proxy created by organisers that tunneld us in.
So now we had only two hours to do the job while rest teams were already 4 hrs ahead of us.
But me & rohan thought, Lets do it for fun, Lets see wat other teams have instore for us.

& Then we started. And IT WAS LOL. A BIG LOL. that we found, there was a basic flaw in each system, i wont tell wat was dat :) But the whole competition was driven by that flaw & organisers din even know about it :)
I mailed them a list of usernames & passwords of teams & hence, it was all kind of over.
There were major flaws in some of the teams. Some of them played with the logic to the extent that sites were not functional.
Though we found some secure sites too, but den we gt into dem too...

But all the way, We helped the organisers, in disqualifyng teams & removing the major flaw which was there. & We cudnt even cmplete cracking into al systems, bcz time was too less, But i exchnged sm 30 odd mails with the organisers in the meanwhile.
It was fun to do all that..

The competition finally ended at 12:00 AM & we thought we cudnt be winning, as we got pretty less time to crack :( :( becoz of a fckin ISP.

The results were expected to be out the next day at 12 in d morning & we were expectin not even a consolation.

But then i saw the results, & Whoaa !!!! We are there on the top !!!!

I was like.. Ohhh myy godd.. WTF.. i called up gaurav dere only who had no idea wat had happened at the competition becoz of his Yahoo interview & stuff.
& The same rxn was there.. "WTF..LOL"
Then came rohan who gt to knw abt it in the evening and d same reaction.

But alls well that ends well!!! & Yeah it would end well with a prize of 400 USD For sure :)

I wont be telling, where we learned the tricks & tips of the business, becoz its smthin nobdy of us never learned, it came to us through groups,frends,google,chics(Yeah.. dey motivate Crackrs bcz u"l always want to knw dere secrets :P ) etc

All in ALL It was pur fun, nothin more !!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Choose the culprit : Sex Or Culture

This is the first time.. i m writing about something which doesn't deal with lively emotions or hysterical sequences based on pure fiction. This post is all about us, by us i do not mean teenagers but each and every member of the social community around us irrespective of caste,creed and most importantly sex .
So lets go down the lane and find some ground realities about what we all talk of most often i.e Sex.
I am sure on the fact that each and everybody reading this would have encountered such discussion in his lifetime but due to social ethics prevailing in some of the cultures around the globe,we at times discuss these stuff in closed rooms.

I"l say in rapidly changing environments, we have two villains. I"l talk on them one by one.
Lets Say, The first culprit is :

1)Sex :
First of all sex is not the right word about what i am actually referring to. I am instead talking of having an intercourse with a partner but in social terminology we mite refer it as "Sex" or "Love making".
By definition intercourse is a perfectly normal biological habit to reproduce. So i think by definition it is not a culprit. But we know that even in modern society of the larger part of the world we still have restrictions to use a word like "Sex" . If not a crime as per the laws, people just do not take it in the right spirit.
But then our biological system is governed not by social ethics or any civil laws. It has its own way of dealing with stuff. So as per biological standards, we all start to develop sexual needs starting from the age of 11 in males and 13 amidst females, process known as "we reaching puberty".
Suffering from hormonal changes, We all land up at a stage where we are in ultimate desire for what we commonly known as "Sex".
But here is the catch, in plain words (I m sure many of us won't like it).There are many who don't get to do it because of the social ethics surrounding them thereby suppressing what in fact is a "biological need".Here are some of the aftereffects of it :

a)How often do we see children trying to watch Porno's OR for the matter "adult channels".
b)How often do we see guys, frustrated at times because they say..."We don't get a chance to do it" whereas our counterparts in a more open environment are not suppressing the need.

Above facts are experienced by almost every human on the planet and rightly so they will always happen. So where is everything wrong. I"l tell you where they are wrong by giving some more insights.

The one trait discussed above amidst children/teenagers lead to a point where they start getting wrong information about the whole thing.The effect of the trait can be seen from this point only that when i googled "Sex" to get the definition. On the result page, i got only one correct answer and rest all adult sites which we all know cover 97% of the internet and is a billion $ industry in itself.
The point is "Humans will always satisfy there needs" but they forget in the process "Are they doing it in the right way or not". So a child will be satisfied after watching something but in the process he does not know that in the process most of the information he has gained is not completely true in many a cases and is just one more dollar added to revenue of the industry.
In a nutshell, It results into a child receiving bad information with the help of either the internet or some other way wherein he was required to be a dealt in a more proper way.

Now talking of the Second fact, Most of the teenagers in a closed community feel what i stated above i.e a feeling of frustration at times.
And since they are not "Children", they "Want even More". Resulting in even more bad consequences. From my personal experience, I have seen people of my age visiting brothels in order to have there needs satisfied, wherein everybody knows that there are serious threats of u getting affected by STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases) if u enter this "Dark World" of every community which also is a billion dollar industry as stated by Reuters.

Now what is the cause of it??? Is it "Sex is bad" or "Suppressing the need of doing it is???"
U can give it a thought while i"l give some insight on our second culprit i.e "Culture"

Culture :
By Culture, i mean the social ethics/standards that a people living in and around a community follow,even at times blindly.
How often do we say, "We are proud of our culture, We are a great nation". I think we all brag of it and in a way we all should be proud of it. But Since its a culture, it will have it negative shades as well.So lets have a look at them in the context we are presently discussing

1)India brags of being "Respectable to women in the society", Still we have nationwide record of rape cases and i must admit, as far as i know my country and the legal system, i can bet only a 10% of them are actually reported.
What is this for??? Is it a loophole in the system that people are not afraid of committing rapes. I"l say its more of our society that binds our activities that at times "people stop acting as humans and rather as animals, who when left alone and starved will not even regret to kill and hunt"
2)We treat "Kids as gods gift" to an extent that we suffer from outburst of population and say "God save us from It" and moreover in our society we refrain from even talking about "Intercourse/Sex" which is the process of producing "Kids" i.e God's Gift according to our society.
3) This fact is something i recently saw in a news article. According to Reuters, the average age of an indian having Sex is around 19 yrs, while in our country that brags of "Sex after marriage" is intself a myth, becoz the legal age of marriage is 18 nd 21 for females and males respectively.
A lot of that data contributes to child rapes etc etc and many such stuff.
Moreover People get beaten by the police for sitting holding hands in parks and sent to the lockup.Still we suffer from the evil, mayb because we dealing with it the wrong way.
Thers a sayin, "Harder u"l press the sponge, the harder it"l try to get out of ur hand". The same goes here.
4)We not only uproarin as a strong IT Nation but we are on the hitlist of nations sufferin from an epedemic known as "AIDS" thankx to the billion dollar industry that we can see in areas like Calcutta's red light area, which are partly thriving on teenagers just like u and me.
To make it more interesting, I Myself with million other teenagers who have not yet been told on "what is a condom" either by my teachers or my parents. All hail people who created internet that we all know "what are the consequences of not using protection"
5)Not only these, we are up on the list of nations having large number of child abuse cases reported.More and more unwanted pregnant ladies because the guy was afraid to ask for a condom from the vendor.

There are many a more facts which can be written here. But the point is What we are doing ???

Yeah.. We are doing.. Says the government who is trying to implement "Sex education" in primary schools but is able to implement in a handful of states only after about 5 years of struggle.
The problem not lies with the government but with the people. Teachers are refraining from teaching lessons. I"l say God help the country wherein educated people who should take a stand are the ones who take a step backward.

The problem won't be eradicated by "Ads on DoorDarshan" completely. It can be changed only if people start acting at root level.
Why can't we give our Kids some knowledge about the right and the wrong.
Why can't we understand that "That openess to things is not vulgarity" .For example :A bikini show is not vulgarity, deal it like fashion.

For me a person in his teenage, willing to have sex is perfectly normal, becoz his feelings are jus like a person "who has eyes, but u say u can see the world only after you are some age" . Its like supressing one of his urge forced by his/her body to do so.

With this i"l say.. we should slowly move towards "Openess" within the limits of preserving our ever blissfull culture. That way we can fight the above evils otherwise we"l go deeper and deeper into the sea strangled by our ethics only.

I Hope everybody would have thought of the culprit?? If yes, try to counter it in your life .

Cya. Have fun..