Saturday, July 14, 2007

@ Khetri

LOL...Dis is our PS1 Destination...I"l tell in a picture story...

Dis part of our life is known as Doing PS @ Khetri..Lol...U cn call it Khetdi too(as pronounced by our taxi driver)

Dis part of our life is known as "Stay @ VK Bhawan" in BITS,Pilani...Dis is wat we know as d clock tower...d clock stopped fr 3 times during our stay..still it helps when u cn see it frm Birla mandir..waitin fr d girls to

Dis part of our life known as "sleepin@PS" Dis is nt a spoof..Its a real shot..All 15 of us sleepin except d guy who tuk d pic(Credits to Scratch Nath..ya ya..he slept early dat he cudnt dwnload ne of d horror movies..)

Akash,Me & Chandy...official Foto session before d formation of MVS(Majdoor Vikas Sangh) @Khetri Copper Complex.
MVS is determined to torture,abuse d instrctrs...bunk..cmng late nd yeah sleepin at d centre..First president was nominated by d community..If u want to apply fr presidentship next year..U need to hv qualities of Ghakker(ghekker is intself a need to mention dat..hers dat specie)

President have to persue d following..
1)he can be beatin by nebdy widout ne reason
2)he wont be going by d same means of transport to khetri..he has to find his own ways to gt members will go in d jeep...nd if it all he goes..he has to sit on smbdy's lap(hope menon,gaurav,karan & Hasija enjoyed d rides)

Now dis part of our life is known as Waitin fr dinner @ CP..Dats Churu aka himanshu.....hes hungry bcz ps instrctr says "take heavy dinner nd skip rest meals..."..LOlest ever

Now Dis part of our life is known as TP @ SkyLabs....Its Already 10:30(scheduled time to reach ps station is 8:30) Credits to Jaat aka Rajesh fr his excellent shooting skillz....we caught a pair flirtin..(lol..dey r frm our neighbour ps station....)
spcl awards fr identifying who dey r??

Now dats wat is known as bunking PS nd goin to other PS stations nd watchin wats happening dere??
Dats a Shot frm Birla Museum..ppl tryin to figure out wat happnd wrong??

Now Dis is part of our life is known as puttin urself in trouble...Smbdy watchin cute girls on smbdy's comp jus before the seminar....Ahh...It gives d driving force to gv a better seminar...ain't it??

Dis part of our life is called "Drinking water"...Naah...pic is spcl...i"l explain y?...Dis is drinking water..when u dnt knw where is d only water cooler in a radius of 1 km..nd yeah..dis is caaled drinking water..when u r free from nt recvng ur gf calls...ohh btw its OMG aka mudit..tryin to drink sm water bfre he gets hooked up fr another
Dis part of our life is "Survivig on Parle G"..U cn see d packets in d pic...ParleG is d onle food u"l gt at KCC as told by LokRam(chief security officer KCC)...Adding to dat his comments were..."Ppl here in KCC Eat stones....dey dnt eat food"..LOLest comment again...

Dis part of our life is known as wat u say "Taking Risks" ...Ppl tryin to see a conveyor belt dat brings ore from d mines to d plant..Its at quite a height nd pretty dangerous, still..Mighty Khetri Boyz..ain't Gonna Stop on d floor....

Dis part is known as .......Hmmmm..lemme think over it..Yeah its known as " Puttin Heat Boils on ur head"....Ppl walking kms at aroun 48 degree....
Dis part of our life is known as "Toxication"....Naah..i m nt talkin abt Toxicity, d song...Its froth Floatation @ KCC....500 m long channel producing SO2 & H2S...Sm of us gt into trouble after visting dis part of d plants..

Naaah...Luckily dis is nt part of our life @ Khetri..Its jus a bukmark....Its d chimney of d smelter plant...Secnd in asia wrt its height...nd yeah temp of aroun 3000 degrees....LOL again...

Now Dis part of our life is known as "Identifying a True Hero"...Now if u want to be a true hero..U need to do following things:
1)Bunk PS every weekend nd catch d bus to home widout permission.
2)U have to abuse d PS Instructr on his face...Dat too not just once..u hv to do it till d PS instrcr feels dat he cn be beaten if he enters d conference room.

Now Dis prt of our life is known as "Fetishness at its extreme"...
D person in d pic is Micheal Hussy aka Hasija..D Guy is well known amng Netwrk Admins @ Pilani..He has d following characteristics:
1)He is known fr his poses made in d conference room..dat if shot by sm photographer..he cn beat d pirelli calander by his poses..
2)First guy whos LAN was ripped off 3 times in jus a short span of 25 days..jus bcz of his extreme fetishness dwnloadin po**.

Now dis part of our life is known as "Feminism"....Yeah Dats Hash aka Shashwat(his originalname) aka shekhawat(As pronounced by d security guards on d entrance...Tryin to perform a catwalk on a 250 m high bridge allowed fr one person at a time...

Dis part of our life is known as "Photography at its best"....Credits to Rajesh fr pullin dis over..yooyoyoyoo....btw its d blast furnace...nw u cn knw wat is knwn as feelin d heat??

U Must be wonderin...when did we learned nething??

So dis part of our life is known as "Learning"...Its d Intrumentation control room..Equipped wid, i dunno mane gauges perhaps....
Ppl had to tell wat extra equipmnt it needs??
D first one i think shud be a fire fr fire in d fire in d control room bcz Mr Khare will be smoking all d time...(Btw we all gt influenced by his unique way of smoking a aka Anuj..gv it a try mane a times to imitate dat)

Dis part of our life is known as "Gettin High @ Central Lawns"
Ppl after being pissed off frm both d heat as well as d instrctr go to d lawns nd gt high wid Vo*** Shots....Gazing d moon has never been so soothing fr mane of us..Btw srry fr nt such a gud shot..bcz Chandy aka chandan was jumpin all over d place after being high nd bumped over d guy who was taking d

Now dis Part of our life is known as "LIFE wid frends".........

Credits For d Picture Story:

1)All Khetri Boyz.....All 16 of em...


Yeah..Hes our JeepWaala Gujjar....Lol...He is one of d guys to whom we r most indebted...Bcz of following:
1)He made us reach d PS Station in very less time
2)He din allow d backseaters to sleep bcz of his unique collection of Haryanwi music....yooyoyoyo.."Mera bhai thaanedaar...Tu to jail mein sadey" or "Dili ki mein rehne waali.." are one of d best jingles u"l ever hear...

nd Yeah Me too(Along Wid KT aka Karan)

It was one learning experience fr Us Guys dwn here....
It was one of d Toughest PS Stations..still We Smhw managed to end it Without any casualities...

This is one of d pics shot @ Khetri Fort.

Dis part of our Life Is Known As "The Persuit of Happyness".Yeah dats a Y dere nt an I.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Loving Your Country

I am having dis strong feeling today..Nd i m happy..Dats y i"l put dis random thought out here on my Blog...
As all d natives of a country Love Deir Country..I m no different...I still remember when i was in class 6th When i first developed d passion to serve my country after readin a story in the newspaper about sm of d ArmyMen who gv deir lives jus to save ppl like us..Who cn sit on deir comps nd use shitty US technoligies nd blog about dem too...

I gave it a serious thought..Nd when it was time..i tried to convert my passion into smthing..Yeah..I gave d entrance exam For Armed Forces..NDA & NA(II) 2005..I was in class 11th den..I jus filled up the form without tellin nebdy except my Maama,who always helps me out when d shots are down...Nd Den by bunking my coaching classes went to Lucknow For d entrance Test at my bro's Medical coll hostel...
I din expect dat so many ppl will be hvn d same zeal fr d nation..Nd at d exam centre dere were 100s of guys like me dere to gv d examination...

Finally after aroun 4 mnths..when i was fully into JEE(i hate JEE..i regret preparing fr it)..I gt a letter frm Indian Military Academy for a physical Test/interview From Bangalore Centre...
Yeah..It was bangalore..D dream station from which half of d guys called convert from being a normal civilian to wat dey say an "Armed officer"...
Bt till den very few of us knew dat i m going fr it..So a Bombshell was throwed dat u ain't Going to NDA...Bcz my grandmother said "Goli(Bullet) waali jageh nahin bhejnaa" Nd My dream of being an army guy was sent to /dev/null...

I still have dat letter..(Its quite a big letter with all d instructions dat u hv to follow during d 3 day test)..Nd whenever i visit home..i see dat letter fr once/twice....Dis was 2.5 yrs bck...

Things have changed nw....Now i stand as half n engineer doing my Grads at one of d gud universities of my nation....
To be true..Engineering is a race..Race to produce new technoligies..Start new ventures..All in all race to earn money..Dose of u think dat scientists produce technoligies to help People..Nd dats y dey always luk frward to cutting edge technoligies...
I"l say..Ppl produce technoligies to get patents nd den earn revenues..Nobdy cares whether a blind man wud be able to use deir product..Its too costly fr him...dey dnt ask questions like ,fr whom r dey creatin technology??...a rich blind man or a guy who will nt evn gt a job bcz hes Blind..

We all in dis arena of producing technoligies r here to earn bIG BUcks or dey cn call dis as USD $...

But still dere r ppl who make use of technologies or deir skills in order to serve d country or in a larger context d globe...
Yeah dere r millions of hackers..(Yeah dere r nt as army men on d borders as dese guys who jus sit behind deir comps to save country's economy frm threats)
Dere r aroun 50000 cases per year..when hackers frm our country nd our beloved neighbour nation play it out to protect mane IT firms frm being cracked dwn to hell..Nd dat too jus fr no money..dese guys dnt wrk fr ne IT firm in d nation..Still dey try deir best to preserve nation's pride..

Wat u knw as Bhagat Singh Can be Ricky007 in modern context...logged onto d darkside of d internet...trying to stop ppl frm biatching wd his country...

Dis is one case....I dnt like d concept of companies like infosys,wipro..JUs bcz dey r tapping d Indin Bran to serve dumb ass US Citizens..Who jus fck deir wife..nd den call bloody indians to recve a call frm dem asking "My microwave ain't wrkin...Cud u read out d manual nd help me out wid it...Im a US Citizen..nd i m 40 times stronger den wat u r??"

Other den dis..Consider if a company like infosys..whos earning big bucks cud help increase computer literacy in india....How mane of us have even basic knwledge of wat dis dumb thing invented by charles babbage do??...Onle 1% or even les den dat of our population...Still we r n emerging IT Nation..Jus bcz we hv wat is a bliss in disguise..Yeah d population factor..nd Grt Basics of mathmatics...Our 12th class kido knws how to integrate sm of d toughest integrals using jus pen n paper...thought he mite nt be knwin dat US Guys r usin a software fr it..Still hes fast at it....
Check out daily ibm internat level puzzle competitions on ibm website..U"l find Indians more in number as compared to ne other country..Pakies r also dere..actually dey inherit d same thing...

How fun it wud be if by 2025....Our computer literacy levels upto i say 10%...Whoaa....i cn bet our class 10th guys cn code fr US Guys nd earn money..Nd put d profsnl guys to R&D..DAT WAY WE EARN D BIG well as we create our stuff...

Its pissing..when u open adobe photoshop..nd when d app is loading..u see d names of d developers on ur screen...mane r indians in it..nd den d final line cms..."Software is patented under US Laws"...
Y dnt we create our stuff...tag dem,patent dem..nd den wait....i cn bet dese guys hv to cm dwn to buy it...Rite nw wat dey want is Brain Power nd we want d money...Bt y onle money we want??

10000s of enginners go to US each n every year....nd fr d initial yrs wat dey get is a small apartmnt...a handful of USD...nd ppl doubting whether or nt d guy has a bomb in his packet..Jus bcz he din gt time to shave dat day...

Y dnt we stay in bangalore,mumbai,hyderabad etc...Cant we eat we hv to always eat Mcdonald's French fries??....

When will we come out of dis...
Actually we cant..i m bloggin rite nw..but mayb i"l accept d offer too if i made ne to wrk fr ne US company..Jus bcz my parents want me to live a life better den wat dey lived.....

I hv n answer to it...
"Life cn be made better only by dsnt depend on where u live..hw much u earn..."

I have a question...Do we want to..

"Live a life which is branded high....have all d comforts"
"Do we want to make life better fr other" others i mean d generation after us...

Tdy my dad wants me to earn big bucks..wrk fr n MNC....Mayb sm years dwn d line..i"l want my kid to go to mars nd wrk fr aliens..if dey offering him a can of oxygen...

So shudnt we try to conserve oxygen..nd make earth a better place....(dats fr global ethics in future)
or in present context..try to conserve wat we r hvn in our country..nd make it a better place...

Jus a few random thoughts nd an answer to d guest who always posts on my shoutbox dat i cnt write on my own....


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Application Brings Voip To iPhone

SoonR Talk brings VOIP to your iPhone

Apple and Cisco had announced that they would share the name "iPhone," Apple using it for its new smartphone, and Cisco using the name for their Linksys-branded VOIP phone for home networks thus resolving the "iPhone" trademark dispute. Apple might not be able to restrict use of iPhone for VOIP calls as Soonr Talk is offerring a solution for those interested in making VOIP calls from their iPhone. I wonder how Cisco will be react to this development.

Soonr Talk provides you a way to use Skype and make VOIP calls from your iPhone. Before you get excited let me warn you that the process involved in making a VOIP call is quite cumbersome.

This is how it works based on information available on their website*:
  • Install SoonR Talk client on your PC which has the latest version of Skype insalled
  • Log into AJAX-enabled SoonR website on your iPhone (I suppose with your skype account)
  • You should be able to view your Skype buddies
  • Click on the buddy you want to talk to.
  • SoonR Talk will tell your PC to call your mobile phone using your SkypeOut credit.
  • Then SoonR Talk will instruct Skype to call your buddy, placing you in a conference

Requirements to get this working:

  • Make sure you're running the latest version of Skype on your PC
  • SoonR client running on your PC

All of this will be using the Safari browser on your iPhone, so there is no worry of how to revert back in case you do not like this long process of making VOIP calls.

SoonR also offers other cool applications like SoonR Desktop & SoonR Organizer, however not sure if they will work with the iPhone, but these two applications along with SoonR Talk will be cool applications to have on your iPhone as mostly the critical information that people depend on are still stored on personal computers and their hard disks.



kudzu - detects and configures new and/or changed hardware on a system




kudzu detects and configures new and/or changed hardware on a system. When started, kudzu detects the current hardware, and checks it against a database stored in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf, if one exists. It then determines if any hardware has been added or removed from the system. If so, it gives the users the opportunity to configure any added hardware, and unconfigure any removed hardware. It then updates the database in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf.

If no previous database exists, kudzu attempts to determine what devices have already been configured, by looking at /etc/modules.conf, /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/, and /etc/X11/XF86Config.


Show short usage message.
--help, -?
Print help information.
-q, --quiet
Run 'quietly'; do only configuration that doesn't require user input.
-s, --safe
Do only 'safe' probes that won't disturb hardware. Currently, this disables the serial probe, the DDC monitor probe, and the PS/2 probe.
-t, --timeout [seconds]
This sets the timeout for the initial dialog. If no key is pressed before the timeout elapses, kudzu exits, and /etc/sysconfig/hwconf is not updated.
-k, --kernel [version]
When determining whether a module exists, use the specified kernel version. (If this is not set, it defaults to the current kernel version.) Do not specify suffixes such as 'smp' or 'summit'; these are automatically searched.
-b, --bus [bus]
Only probe on the specified bus.
-c, --class [class]
Only probe for the specified class.
-f, --file [file]
Read hardware probe info from file file and do not do an actual probe.
-p, --probe
Print probe information to the screen, and do not actually configure or unconfigure any devices.

Google As Never Seen Before

Pages You Mite Not Have Ever Seen

Google Moms
A tribute to Googlers' moms.

Google AdSense for domains
AdSense for domains allows domain name registrars to fill the otherwise blank pages with AdSense ads.

Google Sets
Google Sets is the oldest Google product that never graduated Google Labs. Using Google Sets, you can create sets of items from a few examples.

Google Dance 2004
Also Google Dance 2005.

Get stock with Google
Google provides stock and mutual fund information since 2001.

Google doesn't sell search results
Google talks about the integrity of its results and answers this tricky question: "In a world where everything seems to be for sale, why can't advertisers buy better position in our search results?"

Google WiFi
Google provides free WiFi in Mountain View through Google Secure Access, a client that makes the WiFi connection more secure.

Google Newsletter
You knew Google has a blog, but you didn't know they have a newsletter called Google Friends. You can read the full archive.

Chad's journey to Jersey
One bike. One Googler. One really long ride.

Google Easter Eggs
A Java game with an Easter bunny.

Explore Google World from 2003."Work is hard and you need a break. A sun-soaked vacation is just the ticket, but where to begin? With Google there's a world of helpful, time-saving features right at your fingertips."

How to build a better query - useful tips.

Valentine's Day 2001
A Java applet that shows a heart and writes "I love you" in more languages. That was before designing logos for holidays and special events.

20 years of Usenet - including first mentions of Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Madonna, Britney Spears, Mac OSX and Google.

Statistics about html elements' usage. An average web page uses 19 tags.

In 2003 Google searched 3 billion documents. Now Google has more than 24 billion documents in the index. Also see why size isn't important.

Google ranks #1 in NPD search & portal scorecard measuring loyalty and satisfaction (in 2000).

Google Voice Search - search on Google by voice with a simple telephone call.

Google Keyboard Shortcuts - navigate search results without using your mouse.

Google Compute - put your computer to work advancing scientific knowledge when it's not helping you.

Site-flavored search - Enter the URL of a site, and Google will try to infer a profile for the site based on its content.

AdSense for Paper - Google has placed targeted ads in two magazines on behalf of AdWords advertisers.

Dilbert and the Google Doodle. The first and last Dilbert cartoon on Google.

Britney Spears spelling corrections. The data shows some of the misspellings detected by Google's spelling correction system for the query [ britney spears ], and how many different users spelled her name that way. The most common misspelling is "brittany spears".

Google searches related to 9/11. Also Google's condolences.

Google can help your business make more money: promo for AdSense, AdWords and Froogle.

AdWords 2004 - a presentation about AdWords with nice greyscale pictures from Googleplex.

Librarian Center - a newsletter with search tips for librarians.

This page used to be displayed when searching for "jew" because the first results were anti-jew sites and people were disturbed.

Looking for Picasa? What about Urchin?

Monday, July 9, 2007

Google Song

Heres Smthin Intresting i fOUND about Google....

Yeah..Ders a Google Song....

Here is d link to it..

I"l say its a must Watch....LOL...

Here r d lyrics:

When it's late at night
And you've an essay due
And you don't know what to write
I'll tell you what to do
Before sunrise
Find something to plagiarise

on Google
Talkin' 'bout Google...

When you meet someone new
To whom you take a shine
Don't make a move till you
Check them out online
You may find then
She's already killed six men

on Google
Talkin' 'bout Google...

Babababa etc.

When your girl has left
You in the lurch, don't mourn
Just do an image search,
For "underage teen porn"
I guess you'd ask,
Which site can perform this task?

Talkin' 'bout Google...

Aliens Attack Google !!!

If you wish to see a full-scale alien attack take place on the Google
homepage? You can! In fact, not only does Netdisaster
( allow you to destroy, you can destroy
any other web page – in a multitude of ways, too. You can send
meteors, flood it, nuke it, shoot it, paintball or chainsaw it, send God
onto the page, cover it with flowers, or terrify it with a horde of flies,
wasps, snails, worms and dinosaurs. If you’re not the aggressive type,
you can also just spill some coffee on the page instead...

Not everybody understands how Netdisaster works; that basically, it’s
just a bunch of visual effects without actual consequences for the
target site. Some of the users wondered if they were staying
anonymous during the attack, and also asked if the attacked site was

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Google Tisp (Toilet Internet Service Provider)

Now Check This Out !!!!

Google TiSP
(short for Toilet Internet Service Provider) was a fictitious free broadband service supposedly released by Google. This service would make use of a standard toilet and sewage lines to provide free Internet connectivity at a speed of 8 Mbit/s (2 Mbit/s Upload) (or up to 32 Mbit/s with a paid plan). A user drops a weighted end of a long, Google-supplied fiber-optic cable in their toilet and flushes it. Around 60 minutes later, the end would be recovered and connected to the Internet by a "Plumbing Hardware Dispatcher (PHD)." The user then connects their end to a Google-supplied wireless router and run the Google-supplied installation media on a Windows XP or Vista computer ("Mac and Linux support coming soon"). Alternatively, a user could request a professional installation, where Google would deploy nanobots through the plumbing to complete the process. The free service would be supported by "discreet DNA sequencing" of "personal bodily output" to display online ads that relate to culinary preferences and personal health. Google also references the Diet Coke and Mentos reaction in their FAQ, "If you're still experiencing problems, drop eight mints into the bowl and add a two-liter bottle of diet soda.

This Is wat Google Inc Had to say About It:
today announced the launch of Google TiSP (BETA)™, a free in-home wireless broadband service that delivers online connectivity via users' plumbing systems. The Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) project is a self-installed, ad-supported online service that will be offered entirely free to any consumer with a WiFi-capable PC and a toilet connected to a local municipal sewage system.

"We've got that whole organizing-the-world's-information thing more or less under control," said Google Co-founder and President Larry Page, a longtime supporter of so-called "dark porcelain" research and development. "What's interesting, though, is how many different modalities there are for actually getting that information to you - not to mention from you."

For years, data carriers have confronted the "last hundred yards" problem for delivering data from local networks into individual homes. Now Google has successfully devised a "last hundred smelly yards" solution that takes advantage of preexisting plumbing and sewage systems and their related hydraulic data-transmission capabilities. "There's actually a thriving little underground community that's been studying this exact solution for a long time," says Page. "And today our Toilet ISP team is pleased to be leading the way through the sewers, up out of your toilet and - splat - right onto your PC."

Users who sign up online for the TiSP system will receive a full home self-installation kit, which includes a spindle of fiber-optic cable, a TiSP wireless router, installation CD and setup guide. Home installation is a simple matter of GFlushing™ the fiber-optic cable down to the nearest TiSP Access Node, then plugging the other end into the network port of your Google-provided TiSP wireless router. Within sixty minutes, the Access Node's crack team of Plumbing Hardware Dispatchers (PHDs) should have your internet connection up and running.

"I couldn't be more excited about, and am only slightly grossed out by, this remarkable new product," said Marissa Mayer, Google's Vice President of Search Products and User Experience. "I firmly believe TiSP will be a breakthrough product, particularly for those users who, like Larry himself, do much of their best thinking in the bathroom."

Interested consumers, contractually obligated partners and deeply skeptical and quietly competitive backbiters can learn more about TiSP at

Links To Be Checked: ,

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Google Romance Beta

Hers Something Really Fishy....Its one of Google Hoaxes..But its true..Hers a little info abt it...

When you think about it, love is just another search problem. And we’ve thought about it. A lot. Google Romanceis our solution.

Google Romance is a place where you can post all types of romantic information and, using our Soulmate Search, get back search results that could, in theory, include the love of your life. Then we'll send you both on a Contextual DateTM, which we'll pay for while delivering to you relevant ads that we and our advertising partners think will help produce the dating results you're looking for.

With Google Romance, you can:

  • Upload your profile – tell the world who you are, or, more to the point, who you’d like to think you are, or, even more to the point, who you want others to think you are.
  • Search for love in all (or at least a statistically significant majority of) the right places with Soulmate Search, our eerily effective psychographic matchmaking software.
  • Endure, via our Contextual Dating option, thematically appropriate multimedia advertising throughout the entirety of your free date.
In a press release This Is Wat Google Has to say About It:

"Our mission, as you might have heard, is to organize the world's information," said Jonathan Rosenberg, Google's senior vice president, product management. "And let's face it: in what area of life is the world's information more disorganized than romance? We thought we could use our search technology to help you find that special someone, then send you on a date and use contextual ads to help you, ya know - close the deal."

Google Romance users who find one another via Soulmate Search™ may then select the Contextual Dating option, which offers an all-expenses-paid romantic evening in exchange for viewing contextually relevant advertising throughout the course of the users' date (learn more). "Our internal projections say Contextual Dating is going to be unbelievably huge, just a total cash cow," said Google CEO Eric Schmidt in prepared remarks placed into the notes section of an executive PowerPoint presentation and intended solely for internal use but promptly leaked onto the web and then roundly mocked on Digg and Slashdot. The product, a beta release currently residing on Google Labs, can be experimented with at

Here are a few links to Try:

Vista successor By 2009 Codenamed "Vienna"

Now Hers Wat d fight is all About..In this week only I gave a glimpses of wat Google Os wud luk like..Now Hers Wat Microsoft has to say About "Life after Vista i.e New OS After Vista"
Preparing d launch around 2009 But as per Time taken in deploying Vista..It"l go to 2011..

Microsoft is looking to deliver its follow-up to Vista by the end of 2009, according to the executive in charge of building the product's core components.That would be a much faster turn-around than Vista, which shipped more than five years after Windows XP, but Vista was exceptional, said Ben Fathi, corporate vice president of development with Microsoft's Windows Core Operating System Division.

Microsoft originally planned for its XP follow-up to include a number of radical changes to Windows, including a new file system and a reinvented user interface, but after the company's products were hit by widespread worm outbreaks in 2003, Microsoft redirected almost its entire engineering effort to locking down Windows with the XP Service Pack 2 release.

"We put Longhorn on the back burner for awhile," Fathi said. "Then when we came back to it, we realised that there were incremental things that we wanted to do, and significant improvements that we wanted to make in Vista that we couldn't deliver in one release."

Vista shipped about two-and-a-half years after XP SP 2, and Vista's follow-up is expected to take about the same amount of time, according to Fathi. "You can think roughly two, two-and-a-half years is a reasonable time frame that our partners can depend on and can work with," he said. "That's a good time frame for refresh."

Last year, Microsoft said that the code name for this Vista follow-up was Vienna, but Fathi said he could not disclose the current name. "We've been told not to use it publicly," he said.

Google Owner With His Gf ,Hawai Trip.

Here are some of the leaked Pics of Larry Page aka Google Owner Wid his Gf While on a Hawai Trip...



Friday, July 6, 2007

Google's Phone---Codenamed "Switch"

According to News..Its Codenamed "Switch" And People Believe That it is so Becoz It"l gv an option to iPhone Users to switch to It...

Lol..Dats one codename....

Above is wat somebdy said ,That its image has been leaked when it is being developed at Google & Orange Labs(Yeah..Orange..)

The Observer reports that Google is in talks with Orange "about a multi-billion-dollar partnership to create a 'Google phone' which makes it easy to search the web wherever you are".

A Google-branded phone could include a browser that uses Google's transcoder to optimize web pages for the phone, easy to access Google search, maps, Gmail, Blogger and maybe more.

"The device would not be revolutionary: manufactured by HTC, a Taiwanese firm specializing in smart phones and Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), it might have a screen similar to a video iPod."

Last month, Eric Schmidt said: "Your mobile phone should be free. It just makes sense that subsidies should increase"

Venture capitalist Simeon Simeonov has made a post on his VC blog High Contrast that he claims to be an insider tip on the hotly anticipated, yet still speculative, Google Phone. According to Simeonov, Google has charged Andy Rubin with the task of creating the G-Phone.

Rubin, the founder of Sidekick maker Danger, arrived at Google when the search giant acquired Android, his wireless software startup. Under Rubin works a team of about 100 people reportedly slaving away on the device. Simeonov believes that Rubin is working directly on the OS of the device.

He goes on to cite Google’s acquisitions of Reqwireless and Skia as definite indications that it is working on creating its own handset. Reqwireless creates mobile applications and, before getting bought, Skia had developed a vector-based presentation engine capable of rendering “state-of-the-art” 2D graphics on mobile phones.

Semeonov sees these acquisitions as evidence of G-Phone rumblings at the Google lab. He also claims that, in contrast to the Google Orange HTC phone rumors, the new device is being developed in conjunction with Samsung (citing this press release) and the Switch codename is once again being bandied about.

The new device is said to be similar to a similar to a Blackberry in design. It will be coded on a C++ core with an OS bootstrap. Like the Sidekicks, Java will be optimized to run on the device. And it will include a multitude of services like G-Talk and such.

He does present a rather compelling case and truly seems to have considered many intricate details surrounding the G-Phone. So is it valid?

I’m going to go out on a generously solid limb here and agree with Mr. Simeonov. It’s not a stretch to believe that Google would indeed be working on such a device. Distributing content, like targeted ads, wirelessly would be a hell of a lot cheaper than than pushing it through pipes. Plus it’s hardly controversial these days to claim that wireless is the future.

The world is going untethered as quickly as technology permits. It should come as no surprise that the Internet’s largest and fastest growing company would be continuously looking for ways to proliferate.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How can be Google's Media Player

If Google made a media player, how it would be different?

The media player would be small and dockable. It would have four buttons: play, pause, stop, shuffle and a search box.

* Google Media Player would find lyrics for your songs using Google search engine.

* It would fill the tags with the artist, the song, the album and the genre of each song.

* Each song would have a mood (like sad, happy, romantic, sleepy).

* Google Media Player's equalizer would adjust according to song's genre.

* You would be able to share your media library, playlists or stats with your Gmail contacts or the whole world.

* Google Media Player would suggest what other songs to listen.

* Google Media Player could play contextual music: let's say you read a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez on your computer. Feed Google Media Player a fragment from the novel and let it find the most appropriate songs from your computer or from online streams.

* Google Media Player would show the latest news from the artist that plays the current song, images from Google Images or what other people think about this song.

* Google Media Player's search functionality would be complex. If you search for "Bjork", you'll also find artists with similar music or artists influenced by her music.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Multipoint By MS

Multiple Smiles:
MultiPoint is a new technology from Microsoft that is designed to affordably increase the reach of existing classroom PCs and help students everywhere build essential 21st century learning skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and computer familiarity. Multipoint enables groups of students to use multiple mice on a single PC, giving students a new way to learn together and have more computer time than ever before. For the price of just a few mice, schools will soon be able to dramatically increase the reach of their existing PCs and extend the education experience. Now that’s global impact

The technology helps shift the student from passive to active learning, creating a collaborative environment for students to interact with.

According to Microsoft, in a classroom of 40 children with only four PCs among them, 10 students crowd around each machine, while one student takes center position and controls the mouse. Other students point, gesture and vie for control of the mouse, but they ultimately have no direct control of the PC and often lose interest and shift their attention elsewhere.

The company says that boosting the PC-to-student ratio by buying more PCs as not a viable solution too many schools in developing countries, and even with more machines, traditional PC set-ups do not allow for collaborative learning and teamwork.

Windows MultiPoint tries to solve this problem, by helping students to use PCs to learn together versus having an isolated computer experience where they’re each on their own PC. In addition, MultiPoint offers an affordable way to decrease student-to-PC ratios, and provides a platform for Windows education software developers to create collaborative learning applications.

Microsoft plans to make an alpha version of MultiPoint software development kit (SDK) available for download in January 2007, and the company has committed to delivering monthly builds until release to manufacturing (RTM) in May, Bealkowski says. In addition, Microsoft is encouraging this year’s Imagine Cup student coders to use Multipoint technology in related category challenges.

The Windows MultiPoint technology works with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista.

Picture this: In a classroom of 40 children with only four PCs among them, 10 students crowd around each machine. Within each group a dominant student – often the brightest, richest, or oldest child – takes center position and controls the mouse. While other students point, gesture and vie for control of the mouse, they ultimately have no direct control of the PC and often lose interest and shift their attention elsewhere. The child with the mouse is learning on his own, and the others are not learning at all.

According to conventional wisdom, the obvious solution is to buy more PCs, thereby boosting the PC-to-student ratio. Many schools in developing countries, however, simply can’t afford more PCs. And, even with more machines, traditional PC set-ups do not allow for collaborative learning and teamwork.

But what if there was a more creative solution to the problem – one that would give multiple students access to a single PC and simultaneously provide them learning opportunities they would not get if each student had a PC to herself? Enter Windows MultiPoint — a simple, powerful technology enabling multiple users to share a single PC using multiple mice or other peripherals and to learn 21st-century skills in the process. The technology helps shift the student from passive to active learning, and the collaborative environment adds a whole new layer of value to the PC in the classroom.

“MultiPoint helps kids use PCs to learn together versus having an isolated computer experience where they’re each on their own PC. When they are accountable for finding the right answer and clicking on it, their learning goes up exponentially,” says Sherri Bealkowski, general manager for Microsoft’s Emerging Markets Education group. “It helps them learn teamwork, collaboration and computer familiarity – the 21st-century skills that children need to learn, especially children in emerging markets, so that they can be competitive and can help their countries be competitive.”

In addition, MultiPoint offers a more affordable way to decrease student-to-PC ratios, and provides a platform for Windows education software developers to create collaborative learning applications, Bealkowski says.

MultiPoint, says Dr. Richard Anderson, a professor of computer science specializing in Educational Technology at the University of Washington, is doing two things. "First, it is supporting collaborative learning, where students are engaged in group activities and learning from one another. Second, it is a cost effective mechanism for expanding the reach of computing hardware. Cheap input devices allow many children to interact simultaneously with a computer, greatly reducing the cost per student. The reality in the developing world is that the number of computers available for education is severely limited, so this simple and elegant mechanism makes it possible for many more students to access computers in a pedagogically sound manner.”

On the Horizon for MultiPoint:

MultiPoint is just one of a number of efforts driven by Microsoft to create economic, social and educational opportunities for people around the world. The innovation came from the world-class labs of Microsoft Research, and the company believes that technology such as MultiPoint can have a positive impact on people in emerging markets. In addition to the Imagine Cup competition, Microsoft plans a pilot program with the support of the Thai Ministry of Education at schools in Thailand using MultiPoint beginning in 2007.

MultiPoint is already exciting education professionals such as Carlton Samuels, chief information officer and professor at the University of the West Indies, who recently attended a MultiPoint demonstration. Instructional technology tools that invite collaboration and foster peer learning would integrate seamlessly into the classroom settings of Jamaican K-12 schools, Samuels says, but the associated cost has always hindered widespread adoption.

“This MultiPoint technology manages to address these issues at one go,” he says. “It enables collaboration and active learning at a price even a relatively poor Jamaican school could afford. It is such a simple idea, but so very effective in addressing our needs.”

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Monday, July 2, 2007

GoogleOS: What To Expect

There's no such thing as the GoogleOS in reality - but despite that, it is one of the most talked about Web products. People can't stop discussing it - and even imagining screenshots for it! Seems like everyone expects Google to get into direct competition with Microsoft, by releasing an operating system. However Google refuses such claims and even makes fun of this kind of buzz. Nevertheless we decided to analyze where Google may be heading with their product strategy - and from that determine what are the chances of a GoogleOS.


We see 3 scenarios for a GoogleOS:

  • A web based desktop (i.e. operating system)
  • A full featured Linux distribution
  • A lightweight Linux distro and/or BIOS

We'll try to explain each of these in detail - then in the conclusion, make our prediction. What's more, we think this could be less than 6 months away from happening.

A Web Based Operating System

If you asked "what will a GoogleOS look like?" - most people would answer that it'll be an AJAX-powered copy of the Windows desktop. In other words, a WebOS (aka webtop). To remind you of what a WebOS is, it is basically a virtual desktop on the web and has various built-in applications. Google already has a history of producing web-based products that mimic desktop apps - Gmail was the first desktop client like email reader, and now they have Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar and other desktop-like products. Also note that Google's internal open sourced widget toolset, GWT, allows them to replicate any desktop capability.

On the other hand, a bunch of startups like YouOS , Goowy, DesktopTwo, Xin and open source eyeOS are already tackling this exact problem - and have been for a while now. So if Google engineers are not already working on their own webOS project, they may want to snap up one of these! AJAX powered YouOS, which is a yet another Paul Graham investment, seems like the most obvious choice at this time.

Screenshot from YouOS

Besides the startups we've already mentioned, there may be other surprises that Google looks at for WebOS purposes. Meebo, for instance, has created a very large user base with their web-based meta instant messaging product (it enables you to use multiple IM services on the same webpage). IM is a crucial application, because many people spend a lot of time on the computer IM'ing. So Meebo could use IM as a base - and utilize the empty spaces on their page for new applications.

Meebo OS with fictional Calculator application (taken from YouOS)

30 Boxes also has a webtop offering, but it looks less promising than their calendar. Start pages like NetVibes, PageFlakes and WebWag could also potentially enter the webos business.

A Full Featured Linux Distro

Another possibility for Google is to create their own Linux-based operating system. The free license of Linux allows anyone to create their own version of Linux. Although Linux is the most popular operating system in the server market and it's free, it is still far behind Windows and MacOS in the desktop market. Some believe this may change with the latest enhancements to the Linux user interface.

This scenario is a more traditional model to replace Windows - with a direct competitor, instead of creating a web-based replacement. Indeed this has already been widely speculated - Ubuntu, a semi-free Linux derivative, was rumored to be acquired by Google.

If this scenario happened, Google may open up their operating system as a free download and promote it on their homepage - as they once did with Firefox. They could also make a networked file system the default, instead of the complex UNIX file hierarchy of Linux - which is another reason why Linux struggles in the mainstream desktop market.

A Lightweight Linux Distro or BIOS

A lightweight Linux distro is a possibility. For example an OS that simply booted up the computer, connected to the internet, and then opened Firefox. Then leave the rest to Google's web sites and apps. This is possibly the most logical strategy, because Google could then create a homepage that connects all their services and applications - and people will have the freedom to use other web sites and services as well.

Similar concepts already exist. For instance, Puppy and Damn Small are 2 credit card sized Linux distros. The good thing about these is that you can carry them everywhere you go - putting the credit card sized CD or the USB drive into your pocket and using your own operating system anywhere you go. Why? Because these distributions don't need to be installed and can work directly from the CD or the USB drive.

, a dead project now, was doing exactly this. Its sole purpose was to boot up and open a Mozilla based window manager - but then you could not get out of your browser window!

However, Google may be considering an even more radical solution and planning to replace BIOS with their own version. BIOS means 'basic input/output system' and it is the built-in software that determines what a computer can do - for example it controls the keyboard and display screen. Google's latest sponsorship of LinuxBIOS may be a step towards researching this. In that case, Google could agree with hardware vendors to pre-install Google's BIOS-based operating system.

Conclusion: GoogleOS will tackle Microsoft's Vista OS head on

We believe that everything will become much clearer in the following 6 months. Microsoft will put pressure on Google with its Vista OS, which will receive relatively high adoption just like any other new Windows release (although probably not as high as historically Microsoft has enjoyed!). As Vista's adoption increases, so will the adoption of its default search engine Live Search. From Microsoft's perspective, this will have a positive effect on all Live and MSN sites. What end users are looking for is ease-of-use and satisfactory experiences - which in a lot of cases starts from the Vista OS.

In that scenario, Google's usage rates may be negatively affected. So we predict at that point, Google will start a more punchy strategy - pushing Firefox and some form of Google OS. Yahoo! has already responded to the Microsoft threat in a friendly fashion, by offering a customized IE7 for its users. But we think Google will be more aggressive and competitive and will push their own OS. The GoogleOS may be a reality within 6 months!

In my View It can be something like This:

Sunday, July 1, 2007

20 Facts About Google..Lol..

20 facts about google
This is not a trick; but its a useful information that i founded, and like it to share with you all.

1.) Google started in January, 1996 as a research project at Stanford University, by Ph.D. candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were 24 years old and 23 years old respectively.

The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. In fact it was noted that the submit button was a long time coming and hitting the RETURN key was the only way to burst Google into life.

Google is a mathematical term 1 followed by one hundred zeroes. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasne.

Gmail was used internally for nearly 2 ears prior to launch to the public. They discovered there was approximately 6 types of email users, and Gmail has been designed to accommodate these 6.

It consisted of over 450,000 servers, racked up in clusters located in data centers around the world.

The Google search engine receives about a billion search requests per day.

Google's index of web pages is the largest in the world, comprising of eight billions(2005) of web pages. Google searches this immense collection of web pages often in less than half a second.

Google has a tradition of creating April Fool's Day jokes - such as Google MentalPlex, which allegedly featured the use of mental power to search the web. Some thought the announcement of Gmail in 2004 around April Fool's Day was a joke.

Google receives daily search requests from all over the world, including Antarctica.

Users can restrict their searches for content in 35 non-English languages. To date, no requests have been received from beyond the earth's orbit, but Google has a Klingon interface just in case.

Google has a world-class staff of 9,378 full-time employees known as Googlers. The company headquarters is called the Googleplex located at Mountain View at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway.

Google translates billions of HTML web pages into a display format for WAP and i-mode phones and wireless handheld devices.

"I feel lucky" is nearly never used. It was a comfort button which actually takes to the first web page returned by the search results.

Google use the unique 20%/5% rules. That is ,if at least 20% of people use a feature, then it will be included. At least 5% of people need to use a particular search preference before it will make it into the 'Advanced Preferences'.

Employees in Google are encouraged to use 20% of their time working on their own projects. That's why we have GMail,Google News and Orkut now.

Google Groups comprises more than 845 million Usenet messages, which is the world's largest collection of messages or the equivalent of more than a terabyte of human conversation.

The basis of Google's search technology is called PageRank™, and assigns an "importance" value to each page on the web and gives it a rank to determine how useful it is. However, that's not why it's called PageRank. It's actually named after Google co-founder Larry Page.

Googlers are multifaceted. One operations manager, who keeps the Google network in good health is a former neurosurgeon. One software engineer is a former rocket scientist. And the company's chef formerly prepared meals for members of The Grateful Dead and funkmeister George Clinton.

Google’s Orkut is very popular in Brazil and India. It was the brainchild of a Google engineer who was given free reign to run with it.

In a 2006 report of the world's richest people, Forbes reported that Sergey Brin was #26 with a net worth of $12.9 billion, and Larry Page was #27 with a net worth of $12.8 billion