Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Me & Bengaluruu

I was thinking to write something since many days but was'nt able to pen it down becoz of the hectic/monotonic/Fuck-Shit schedule of mine.

Today as my mentor has seen me sitting in the office & went by me without asking me to come & sit with him and code for the next few hours with him for an ongoing project.
I like that part but i dread too.
I like it becoz it ain't C, so im learning something new. I hate it becoz i have to sit in front of the machine & program it there, but the catch is that its a pain in the ass & that pain is real not literal.

If the mentor is not in the mood to work today, mayb i"l b able to complete this post which can turn out to be lengthy.

About Home:
We live in a Guest House...Yeah we enjoy all luxuries of a guest...LOL... Jus kidding..Sleeping is difficult..ain't it...
Courtesy Appu aka Apoorv we have found the best acco we could have found in this city.
Why is it the best???

Ohh We get Food & Andaaas...Three of us can smoke though after closing the door.
Its in NGV, koramangala. I dunno whether bangalore junta knows about this place or not but there are hot chics everywhere which has forced Appu to walk from Forum to our place i.e 2.5 kms, So that he can get a glimpse of 50 odd hotties on an average run of 2.5 kms.

If at all he turns lucky, though the probabilty of it is minimal, then ppl like Gogo aka Vivek might turn up walking a bit more too.

Raghav likes this place, becoz he gets to see MTV Splitsvilla on the TV & then cry "Saaaley kaise Ch***** hai , Hoorjan ko kaise nikaal saktey hai..."

Fucking....Im turnin gay...LOL...

Nevertheless, everybody likes this place..
Ohh about me, i like it becoz everybdy is together, so i don't feel like we are away from goa when we enter our room in which Appu is always crying "Kuch nahi hogaa humaara" or "Mera saccha pyaar mil gaya"

About office:
I like the way they work, they are a growing company so everybody does everybdys work, thers not such distinct chain of command that is followed here.
Ppl are really frendly out here & i can talk to my mentor after having a Cig.
Murthy, the only other guy in my PS as an intern is kinda funny & funny things keep happening to him. one such is that he Got his machine in front of his mentor, whos kinda strict, so he can't chat,finally after lot of trial & errors, he has got a place in the "Intern Zone" as i call it, where ppl come pretty early & leave late.Naaah..Not much work we do...LOL..

As per freedom is considered, i watched a movie online & a downloaded a couple of them, as far as murthy is concerned, he has downloaded some 10 gigs of Other LANGUAGE movies.

Yeah..but two days back, i got my location changed & put on wireless rather dan LAN Cable connectivity, so im not liking it, as i always like the hard way round.

My fav tp @ office is listening to music,reading stuff online, Google & Hacking, Yeah..i cracked a few accounts of some ppl of other nationality & can access there paypal & ebay accounts, but im not gonna misuse as she said "Ppl say don't date a Hackor, if he does something & get caught, they"l question his GF"
Lol@ above, but im not crossing the line neways.

About Traffic:
Fuck Shit. Thats the best i can describe it.
U can have sex with a chic while you are on a red light down here, they are fucking so long & irritating.
My fav tp@ Traffic is to talk to her

About Weather:
Its fucking cold, now even for me.As far as bangalore junta is feeling it, i saw a few guys with leather jackets...LOL

About Smoking:
One in the morning,one post lunch, one pre tea,one@NGV, two@room.
That rounds upto 1+1+1+1+2 == 6

About Drinking:
One thought "Goa is freaking awsome...Go Goa..", that describes it all i think.
Though, after listening to that tanker daddy (My neighbor) has some liver problems,im thinking to cut down this to Zero.
Bangalore for me till now has been just about Beer i guess on weekends as far as my drinking exp is concerned.

I think that sums it all for today..
Hope to write something soon after this.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Apoorv's Poetry @ PS2

Mazaak ban kar reh gayi hai ye internship aisi..Russel Peters ke live show jaisi..
Jinse khud ke pc se virus nahin nikale wo ab Antivirus banayenge..jinko thoda bahut computers ka pata hai wo baith kar machinein hilaayenge...
Mujh jaisa phoota naseeb to koi kabhi nahin paayega.

Ab ganje Search Engine banane lage to salla sar kaun khujaayega..
Jeewan mein dikhi thi aasha ki jo kiran thodi..Wo to salli married nikali maa ki lodi..
To iss sab ka ek hi nishkarsh nikalta hai..jise jo chahiye use wo kabhi nahin milta hai...
Aur iss mismatch ke game mein to main naa chaah kar bhi awwal aoonga...

agar nakamiyabiyon ke paise milne lage phir to chand par bhi ja paoonga..

This poem's IP Is secured by apoorv anand vajpayee, an intern at oracle & a sad BITSian

Monday, July 14, 2008

Being an Electronics Engineer

Yeah... Sounds cool but its fuckin difficult & even more for a guy like me who doesnt share d same passion fr circuits as i have for software designs..
But luckily (Yeah...) i found something for myself in this dangerous world of electronics where i can use my favorite part of electronics to do something useful..
Yeah there's onle one part of electronics i like and that is to create system designs which we were taught in Digital electronics & Computer organisation, one of the few subjects which i liked n scored gud too...

So i m given to work on Labview graphical programming & since most of my work would be in event driven programming , im these days learning and kinda bugged by state machine architecture.
Those of you who don't understand state machines, plz google it out or ask amalin to teach u, (Amalin == God)

Till now it seems kinda easy but den when i strted gettin into it, its kinda gettin complicated.
Right now i m stuck at a place where multiple case structures are use concurrently to attain parralelism in the code.

This thing gets a bit more compliacted than coding becoz in coding as in u code an application/UI/Framework, the C/I have done the small bits of work for you to a gud extent.

For example, writing a program to light an LED with some delay include boggling of mind too in this case.

I"l show you some of the cluttered screenshots while i was wrking on this studio :

This is my work on analyzing signals & filtering the noise out of it (Whiote noise type):

This my work on creating a coke vending interface wherein u put coins & it gvs a can out, this involves state machines :

So this was my one week journey with labview, have to go on with it for a few days more & then lets see they don't dump me into PLC.

Cyaa.. Enjoyy.. nd have a fucking bad time at ur ps stations...LOL