Thursday, January 10, 2008


Its been ages since i felt the urge to write something again. I can feel it becoz when i tried to complete my third e-buk during the winter break, i was nt able to come up with a single word which in turn shows that my ever wobbling mind din had ideas which i could i have put on paper.

This winter went on to b d best break i ever had after i joined for my grad dwn here in goa.Spendin time with my brother has always been refreshin. Another merry break was PS1 but then u can't call it a holiday becoz of a strict ps instructor who wont allow u many bunks.

Rite now i m thinking what should i write now...Basically a few thoughts flashed across me after a vision moments ago. I wont describe wat it was as its not neccsry for the readers of d blog.
So here it goes...

I m thinking about that how stubborn we are???

Yeah.. I think in a way or the other we all are just pushin things to reach out for the ultimate satisfaction in one way or the other. That satisfaction can be nething varying from gettin good grades or being a social hype in and aroun the community livin aroun us.
We want to "WIN" everythin aroun us so badly that we start hating the slightest possibility of falling off from the cliff. We dont like it when ppl claim that "they are better then us" or if its on a higher side we all don't like it when ppl say to u "U Can't do it". I myself don't like it when ppl say to me about nething that i can't do. Its in a way ur positive approach towards achieving ur goals but i"l say its stubborness to implement it in every prospect of life.
In this busy but idle life of ours, we all in a way want to win everythin aroun us and at the cost of everything. sometimes even at the cost of money and at times at the cost of ur self respect becoz achievin something superseeds even u and wat u r.
But all along the way , we all should try to find things that are not important to achieve and still should be satisfied with the consequences.

After some years of experience of sufferin from the above mentioned , i m tryin to cope with my stubborness that there are mane a things in life which u can't convert to goals leave apart achievin dem and u always can't be a winner becoz there was no race involved in the process & yeah u can't be called a looser too fr d same reason. Its jus that u have to start living life not as a race but as a sightseeing trip where u meet different people, experience different emotions & try to get the most of ur life. By sayin "the most" its not communal profit , its enjoyment becoz that"l be d onle thing u can take along with you.

I Won't say i hv left my stubborness but i"l say its better to cushion it , so i m in d process of doin d same.

Hope everybdy aroun us do d same & it"l b a nice place to live den


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