Monday, July 14, 2008

Being an Electronics Engineer

Yeah... Sounds cool but its fuckin difficult & even more for a guy like me who doesnt share d same passion fr circuits as i have for software designs..
But luckily (Yeah...) i found something for myself in this dangerous world of electronics where i can use my favorite part of electronics to do something useful..
Yeah there's onle one part of electronics i like and that is to create system designs which we were taught in Digital electronics & Computer organisation, one of the few subjects which i liked n scored gud too...

So i m given to work on Labview graphical programming & since most of my work would be in event driven programming , im these days learning and kinda bugged by state machine architecture.
Those of you who don't understand state machines, plz google it out or ask amalin to teach u, (Amalin == God)

Till now it seems kinda easy but den when i strted gettin into it, its kinda gettin complicated.
Right now i m stuck at a place where multiple case structures are use concurrently to attain parralelism in the code.

This thing gets a bit more compliacted than coding becoz in coding as in u code an application/UI/Framework, the C/I have done the small bits of work for you to a gud extent.

For example, writing a program to light an LED with some delay include boggling of mind too in this case.

I"l show you some of the cluttered screenshots while i was wrking on this studio :

This is my work on analyzing signals & filtering the noise out of it (Whiote noise type):

This my work on creating a coke vending interface wherein u put coins & it gvs a can out, this involves state machines :

So this was my one week journey with labview, have to go on with it for a few days more & then lets see they don't dump me into PLC.

Cyaa.. Enjoyy.. nd have a fucking bad time at ur ps stations...LOL

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