Thursday, September 18, 2008

20 Myth Tales

Our college is one place connected through a local network,so whenever theres a news,ppl get to know it,but still there are myths about some of the stuff,Lets explore somethings which are n will always be a myth,if ppl will come out n accept they have done something,than mayb it will not be a myth (mayb) :

1)Do girls download P**n on a regular basis from DC,If they do,do they keep on comps???

2)Why do vella gang girls dnt get commited,roaming away with guys,being cheeky etc et,are some of em Lesbians???

3)Do AVK has a kid???

4)Murli is a drunkard???

5)Two chemical profs love each other??? (No Names :D)

6)Who was caught by ARC Head's wife & wat exactly were they doing,that made her fire a gud no. of letters to guys n chics parents.

7)Was there somebody caught naked in the main building??? & who mailed "i have fucked **** n many more girls to everybody"

8)Why Ghosh likes kerala girls???

9)No. of gays n lesbians on campus??? Do dey exist???

10)Does ah3-342 pees in his room???

11)Did a ground floor guitarist from AH4, once had a chic in his room allnight???

12)Who all have done it???

13)Is our present hostel assistant gay???

14)Which girl ran away with a goan in her first sem???

15)Why is achilles so Ch***** ???

16)Did one of my corri mates,cut his wrist for a girl???

17)Did our hostel ground floor mate,proposed to a Dha???

18)Was one of our hostel guy nailed a campus chic in iron maiden concert???

19)Who got pregnant in PS1???

20)LOL,Who started dis??? LOL

If you know stuff,feel free to share :D


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mayank said...

wtf!! kuch bhiii ....

ek aur

kisi dota player ki koi gf hai???


kya ah4 mein anyone has a fetish of wearing female undergarments??