Monday, October 13, 2008


I don't know how many of you reading this will agree,but according to me the only three evils of any society in the universe are Money,Sex & Food.
They affect our lives to such an extent that we Live only for them & end up dieing for them too.

Whenever i walk on the road,sniff the polluted air,hear that Buzz of vehicles & experience the surroundings.Something i used to do since i was a kid was to stand & jus observe flocks of ppl & wat they are doing & at times used to share a smile or a childish laugh with myself seeing there activities.
But now when i stand & see the crowd,i jus see a RACE,where humans are being converted into Horses or donkeys or watever that runs fastest and comes Cheap (Yeah..Cheap..This is a cheap race of Life) Winner is not the one who moves the fastest but the one who is consistent enough to do it EACH DAY becoz the Race is for each day & if u r participating,u can't be away from it for a single day,yeah but since the RACE is so hectic u can quench ur thirst with a gulp of entertainment provided by media or by using your resources for some luxurious drive aways.

Now the question is why all of dis started & When....

I think nobody has an answer to When,some say ppl went mad after industrial revolution & trade being promoted in various countries of GondavLand.
But i"l give my perspective on Why rather than When....

The answer to why is within these three evils.
Money,Sex & Food.

Our First evil is Money,
Humans kill humans to get these green labeled papers,cheating,fraud,schames & endless race of this utter chaotic world to increase the no. of 0s in ur bank balance.
I remember one quote,
The number of 0s increaes in ur bank balance,that Zeroes ur life by the same extent.
Money,Money.Money...Everybody is crying....Everybody wanna be BIG,have a GREAT Life & for that u need money. I think thats the worst concept. Initialyy in old times,Kings thought the same & wat happened to them is just a history in modern times.
But the difference now is that everybody is thinking like a KING in terms of how to enrich there lives & that is jus by money.
Hope future will jus take us & our such enriching thoughts as mere history pages & future generations will be much more artistic than just being labourous.
Today we r LABOURS with the atitude of a king.

Second Evil is SEX.
Its another kind of hunger other than having food that revives the animal inside.
Basically everything that u do is to have sex with another mate.According to me,money is a lesser evil than SEX becoz our animal instincts are still stronger than our ethics.

Mayb if u r reading this,this might be a part of the long tale leading u to a sex partner.
Ppl wear clothes,speak languages,come up with inventions etc ,jus to get laid somewhere else or the other.
A Right hand is indeed the greatest Gift.
The very much existence & evolution of socities leads to this evil,this is one evil that made humans to create hiarchies,designations,classes,regions,religion & wat not.
Religion was created to bound sex in a comminty.
Regions were created to bound the outreach of sex.
Classes,designations & Money created to define the BEST SEX Partner for a mate.
(Obviously i m not considering this holds true everytime,but who created all these was certainly SURE on wat hes trying to do.)
Everybody wanted POWER to SHOW Power & by showing power,u will get the best partner.
Deep down its jus the animal instinct governing.
Ppl working in NGOs,social welfare,even charity is a part of all this.

Third evil is food.
Ppl won't belv it,but the world would have been very different if we would have to eat Less or nothing at all.If everybody eats sun rays than we would have covered the whole sky & ppl would have lended air space for that too.
So its a different kind of evil,Its not a human created evil, its natural & thereby we never give importance to it too....

So thats how these three evils will continue to exist in present & mayb future socities.
But i hope some 10000 years from now the RACE started by these three evils will come to an end & souls will than only die in peace on this planet.

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kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

lol so then the sole purpose in life should be to die in peace ? :P