Monday, March 16, 2009

The right thing

Today i experienced something that shook me for the rest of my life.Dunno it"l keep me affecting till when but i faced the reality of life.

Yeah the bitter truth that we see each day surpass us each day n each second but we jus believe that its nt real, its jus sum thing that we feel but is nt real.
I meet people, meet different personalities, i am 21 years of age and according to me i am old enough to see things which are transparent and which of them are just translucent.

In all these years, i was trying hard to get education, trying to be at the top of the class in terms of grades or skills if nt grades, falling distant apart from the bitter reality of this existent world.
Bt today when i gt into the slums of my country or slums of dis world, i face similar situations which i have read in my books, which i thought just of as hypothetical in my fantasy world or u might have spoken of them in your presentations in your social responsibility lectures.

Bt the harsh reality is nothing has changed much in developing countries like us, the rich has become more rich, the poor has become more poor and the middle class has improved itself in putting more effort than earlier, so basically nothing has changed..

The change has come, but wat if these changes just affect a portion of our population just those who understand dese changes & those who were wealthy enough to create them in the first place.What abt ppl who don't even know that dese changes tuk place in real. For them its still that tough fight for survival & nothing more.They are still fighting those evils created by the custodians of society who had access to more power & wealth.

21 years back, Slums were still slums 21 yrs from now slums will still be slum, then wat are ppl like us doing, what is the importance of education.
If education satisfies that my country can be 3rd in the race for no. of lunar missions than no. of slums and no. of female babies being killed annual, wat will we prefer.

Education to me after today has lost its colour and the integrity it offered.
Today i met a guy, who earns a little amount of money to feed his family in a petty bar, wherein i went to satisfy me quench for the frustration against this world. Luckily, he was doing the same.

He told me, he loved his kids and his wife, but he can't earn that much to educate his kids. He loved his wife but he had to make her wife undergo a surgery to control the number of kids who were spaced just 6 months & even less den dat. He wants to educate his kids and be like us but then education in itself today is a business and he can't satisfy the requirements of that business.
So maybe, his kids won't end up like us who will get access to education/quality education that your or my kids will get access to but than who do we blame dis for???

Education is a monopoly, knowledge was d term it was called before this, but then economics, a study of money and business came in the picture and destroyed everything.

Today we blame, illiteracy for a lot of deeds in the world, at times we blame countries, at times we blame particular societies for it. Terrorism, the biggest black spot on the collar of the world community is lack of education.

But then, ain't we, who have access to this kind of knowledge has made difficult for other people to gain access to our knowledge bank. We have split ourselves into communal profited organizations who impart knowledge/ethics based on monetary benefits.

The one whos taught by the registered church is a follower of a particular religion making ppl believe in certain ethics, but then whos a terrorist, hes just a follower of a certain rules of ethics taught to him by some teacher.
Being Ethical & unethical is just a belief of on wat side of the situation you are,
But if we wudnt have created distinction amidst ppl who impart and who gain education, the world would have been a better place i guess.

We concentrate on living in a world which is better for us & not for all, we all are just selfish as anybody.
The present religion taught us, present education has emphasis on it, but if we ever want a change, we need to understand, Thers only one thing which existed from Day1 & till the end is humanity because we were

Born Alone, To live Alone but in coherence to the fact that we"l keep people around us to live too.
Because survival for many years is considered to be a selfish thing.

We need to diminish, i am from this country, this society, this class of ppl, this race.

Its time to believe in the fact we are humans & what we do is to help each other & not to help our country,our religion,our race etc.

So believe in urself & the people around you & help them to get them on the right path.


tata birla said...

the sentiments are commendable, but they lack the practicability. What is done is done. The people are too fragmented to just sweep aside any discriminatory notions.
At a time when regional/communal education is more effective than the one that should be imparted, one thing we can do is use this effectiveness to impart the ethics that you just mentioned.
Which is why centers of education with a distinctive regional or communal color are not such a revolting idea, although the education imparted should be kept in check so as to not disrupt the humane fabric of society. (It would be helpful if the word communal is not seen merely with a negative connotation, its a fact that religion plays a very major role in shaping an individual, so why not use it for the betterment of humanity? )

Full Of Life said...

Heavy thoughts but true.
Well written and welcome back to blogging :D