Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Corridor of 2009

Here is an insight into the world of a few BITSians whom i can call as my frend forever & most importantly I m dere frend.
I thought about writing a few things but then u can't best describe through words at times, u can describe through images/signs.So i thought i"l cm up with a picture story to describe "the corridor of 2009"

So here it is....
Thats Called Being "Different"
Two mates with completely different backgrounds & "Aadats" as dey say but still mane a things in common.On the left is "Nath" or scratch Nath,who wudn't hv been in the pic if there wud have been more vodka on WAVES08 Nite.Hope u din miss the incident.
Nath suffers from a lot of diseases, most dangerous being "MIA", its actually an actress that Maynard is obsessed to an inexpressible extent.
One the right is "Arpat",He suffers from a disease known as "Being in EEE",which is curable onle after you pass out from BITS or commit suicide here & help other EEE guys.but his Suicide ain't gonna help becoz of obvious REASONS.
So here they are Nath & Arpat.&Look out for Arpat's Hand, he is obsessed with destroying other guys suit in the pictures :)
Arpat's Fav TP : Playin Dota & "logo ki lena" with proest sincere comments.
Nath's Fav TP : Ahhhh Scratchin,Smoking & Mia,All of em are deadly for him :)

Dats Called Being "DeCSperate & EccEEntric"
Two mates who add flavour to the corridor team.The Left One is Lethal.His life at times has one motive i.e Kisi ki itni lo ki woh saala suicide ker le aur uski Maayiat aka Death ceremony per free ka khaana mil jaaye.Ohh i forget to introduce him. He is our very own Apoorv Anand Vajpayee.Naam se seedha baccha but I can bet issey bada "ITEM" u can never meet in ur life.
According to apoorv, hum logo kuch bhi kerle humaara kuch nahi ho sakta aur ladkiyo ke case mein to bilkul hi nahi ho sakta. Desperate for food & obviously girls & gets eccentricly Gatish at times.
Talking of eccentricity, U can't beat the guy on the right. Buddha aka Sid aka Sid_bloke , is obsessed with CHANGES of every kind. Has one aim in life, to try every fuckin thing on the planet, dese days hes trying "Being Commited" :) .The largest Porn sharer on the LAN,gt an award for that. LOL.He is the caretaker of two kids in the initial semester i.e Hash & Nath, the name buddha comes from that, but these days d kids have strted smoking too much & d virtual dad is busy wid something else..hehehe....
Yaa... Y dese two together??? LOL... i"l tell y..
Apoorv has predicted that Sid will be d first one to get divorced [For reasons ask the man himself]
So here they are together,if the prediction goes true, i hope both of them will luk at the above pic & shed a smile.

Lets Move on....

Thats Called Being "Happy & Silent"
Have a Close luk at the pic, It luks like a perfect couple.. [ I know both of em ain't gonna like d comment LOL ] To be more precise, these are partners in all kinds of stuff.U"l later get to know how.
The person on the left is Gogo aka Vivek. Don't worry, hes not related to crime master Gogo in neway, nevertheless hes harmless.Gogo is one of d most 'happiest' species in the corridor, who at times seem to be so carefree that the affect starts to show on other mates. Gogo is the proud member of the Valeno Gang, about which i"l tell later.
One thing that gogo has taught us all is how to be up all night during examz. Hes a master at that right from the first semester.All in all, dats called being "Happy"
Now Coming to one of d most respected,feared about personality of the corridor. For the Corridor junta, Dats called "Being Harsh" but for the rest dats called "Being Silent".
If you poll it out amidst the corridor junta, who are u feared of, 9/10 will say "Harash Babu".
To me, Hes like an elder brother, but yaa a spoiling one too.. if u are corridor junta.. u"l knw y hes a spoiling one.One of d most serious guys, i have seen in my 20 yrs of life. Hope he gets a bit fizzy in the coming years.
Why these two together???? Trivia Time---------
Ans: Harsh was the only drinker on the table, then gogo tuk a glass one BDAY & then it was history & legacy continued to Valeno Gang.

Thats Called Being "Bitchy & Horny"
I know i know i know, if gals are reading this where there hands are..yaa its around there hair, checking "this guy has longer hair than me".
Yaa... Thats called being "Bitchy", Bitchy in the sense that hes the only so called CHIC of our corridor & hence the guys are even more reluctant towards BITS Gals becoz after seeing Hash,u think thers competition coming up.
Obsessed with two most unpredictable things 1)Hair & 2)Beckham
If you don't get any job from BITS, i have got two nice opportunities for u ppl. If you are a gal, seduce the guy & marry him. He has got loads of money & he drinks only Lime Soda & eats Chaat...If u r a guy, udaa lo saale ko... becoz ransom mein accha paisaa milegaa... nd even if u dnt get d ransom, the accessories & clothes will be worth sm 10-15k if ur luck is gud.
I Hope the guy does'nt get boils on his head becoz hes going to a desert for 6 Months.
The guy on the right is the only bengali in the corridor. Leave apart kolkota, hes not proud of bengal becoz they are revolutionists, hes proud becoz Kolkota has the largest "Red light area" in asia. Dats called Being "Paraaai" aka "Mitraaa" aka "Perrr Boyaaa". His comp is dead & is used to run all kinds of Porn.Paraiii has Data about each BITSian Babe "numbers"...Naaah.. not contact numbers.. these are other numbers.. hope u gt it...To patofy a chic, d guy once told a gal, he won some national award for creating some prototype on wireless electricity...ahhahahha...RESULT..He never got a reply again from the gal.
So dats called being "Horny" :)