Friday, August 8, 2008

20 Funny Tales

We are a bunch of guys pursuing engineering & here are a few incidents which happened or were told to us by some of us only.

1)Snehanth (Fuck..Google gives an alternative to that name i.e Lanthanum) aka Mianard got drunk one day & started singing 70s songs & that too hindi. Than he told us about the famous tale of how he happened to be part of an incest incident...LOL.. Now thats why they say,don't drink extra tequila that too worth 250 bucks.

2)Snehanth got drunk & got caught on the gate,admins called his mom & his reply, "Mom,i saw pirates of Caribbean last night & they were drinking SOMETHING, so i thought i"l gv it a try, Mom its not my mistake,i was just imitating them"

One question for Nathyy:

Whoaaa....fucking how can you lie after drinking more than 2 quarters :)

3)Chimp once said, "When i was small my parents took me to a psychiatrist & i asked the psychiatrist "Yeh duniyaa kyaa hai aur hum yaha kya ker rahey hai??? "

Now thats wat chimp is all about,ain't he???

4)Nbabu playing warcraft NUDE !!!!

WTF...Does dat improve gameplay???

5)Punit trying to peep into chimp's room on his bday & then fell down laughing & running, "Never told..WTF was chimp doing??? "

6)Me intercepting a chic's chat saying "Hash is a sweet, long haired guy"

WTF....hes a chic??? Ask raghav man !!!

7)Appu faking he has a GF specially to fool me & making up the whole story.

Faaakk....Im so DUMB... Appu & Chics?? No NOOOOOOOOO... Naaahh he ain't gay..

8)Budhha : "Mujhey barfii dooo, main bhi khaaungaa" , Appuuu : "Yahin khaa le,uske liye le jaane nahin dengey"

9)"U know ___S is a celebrity"

LOLest Ever

10)Raghav fucking puked in my room on last day & then fell from the bed, while i was searching for him in the whole hostel,bastard was lying on my floor only.

11)Gogo: "Ajunta" Harsh : "Sahiii main...Sahii main.....ahhahahha "

12)Daddy : "I was making out with that chic & dat fucking dog bit me....."

13)Bihari : "Choos..ab hum barney banagey" Choos : "WTF..kuch bhii...Sutta de "

14)Daddy : "Search for my hash...faaakkk" Choos " Okkkkk I shaall search.....Ohhh taaalaaa mil gayaa.....taalaa mil gayaaa...fuckingg taalaa mil gayaaa "

15)Chandy peeing in front of "BITS,pilani tower" & KT Shouting "haraamkhorrr...chipppaaaa...KCH "

16)Akaaash shouting "Ganjeyyy MOR "

17)Sepultara : "GM " Helen of troy : "Good morning"

18)Bhasin looking in mirror : "You are looking AWSOME !!! "

19)Dhyaani : "Diary's Plezzzzz " Champu : "MC..tere baaap ki diary hai....." Akaash : "WTF "

20)Manish : "Diwaliii kuon nahi mana rahey" Mudit : "MC...diwalii ho gayii..tu so raha tha..."

Some of them i don't remember well, so might be different from actual, but still they are freaking awsumeeee


Voodoo! said...

Ohhh my ..ohh my ...>ROFLMAO....!!!!

hahahah ...choos...!!! seriosuly god like post...!! o man ..fck PS...i want to go back to college..lolz..

Ravemzsdin said...

me tooooo :( :(

hash said... memory..cdcs mein itna kabhi yaad nahi rehta hai!!gg..ciao soon mcs

arpat said...

Budhha : "Mujhey barfii dooo, main bhi khaaungaa" , Appuuu : "Yahin khaa le,uske liye le jaane nahin dengey"

cant stop laughing, awesome!!

arpat said...

now i miss goa even more ..... all ur fault bastard.....

eNVy said...

i dont reali remember doin dat....

but then wow is such an inevitable part of my life dat i cant deny the claim too... its quite probable.

Prachi Bansal said...

omg...i am mentioned here!!
i am sooo honored :P