Monday, August 25, 2008

20 tales of Drunk Men

On the occassion of we drinking the maximum amount of beer at one go (dat too with half the valeno Gang), Yeah we drank 9 litres of Fosters,I"d like to share a few funny moments when people got drunk or some stuff associated with this godly habbiit of ours.

1)Coming back from Panjim, Nath singing 70s hindi songs all along the way,He must be Drunk !!!

2)Tripathi wearing a Jacket & a tie on coming back from farewell nite @ Bogmalo & Yeah he was'nt wearing any Shirt.
He must be feeling Hot.

3)Daddy searching for Hash in the lawn & Pazzy smoking it in his room alone thinking its Classic !!!

Why does it always happens wid Daddy???

4)Chimp puking in ananthasram & 10 girls seeing him, trying there level best to identify him as a BITSian.

Chics don't know Chimp is d only On Campus-DLPD Student.

5)Me going to her with Whisky bottle in my pocket :D

I was Drunk !!!

6)Jazzy & Nath both broke there legs trying to play football, okk They were drunk too otherwise They play good. LOL

7)Tripathi puking in my room & then sleeping & rolling over it till morning.

His First reaction : "Whhatt the phukkkk !!!! Bihaariiii taaalaa toddd "

8)Alex distributing Dunhill to kids as if it is Candy !!!

Alexs will be a good father after having a quarter of IB. LOL

9)Tripathi asking Monginis guy after a Valeno session : "Bhaiyaa, Pantyy hai kya??? " After getting no response "Accha 2 de do "

He was asking for patty but dunno why he said that??? LOL

10)Chandy peeing in front of prestigious Birla tower in Pilani :D

Proud to be a bitsian,His feeling that must be !!!

11)Champu telling about His Chachi !!!

Thats Champu when drunk for you.

12)Daddy having a Liver Problem !!!

We"l Miss Daddy in our future gatherings & his special poses for pics when hes Drunk.

13)Raghav questioning apoorv for half an hour, "Hum yaha ker kya rahey hain ??? "

I don't know the ans to that :D

14)Harsh not smiling even after drinking a good amount !!!

Mayb he wants more !!!

15 ) I Forgot our dear Nbabu, who tried beer for the first time with two chics :D

Thats a big thing !!! Starting the journey with two chics !!! Though he spilled beer on them as his hands was shaking as always.

Find solutions to the above problem of Nbabu, i don't like beer being wasted :D

16)-20)These times i was Drunk more than others so i don't remember them :D
But than who cares

There won't be any alone soul in the corridor, there will be Beer Always !!!


nimit said...
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mayank said...


Raghav said...

liked 16 and 17 by nimit , but dont think the rest of them stand a chance against the top 15 though .19 is just pure BLEH !
and yoyo choos \m/

eNVy said...

4months left in b'lore....

'le rock' party has just begun;
im sure this list will get appended like hell!!

Apoorv said...

Salle main peeta nahin..isliye poori list mein ek baar naam aya..
20 tales when apoorv is not drunk likh..

nimit said...

forgot this one .... not a drinking incident cuz never seen gogo drunk ..... but his classic quote during lunch in ps " khana vaana kisne khana hai ...... bottle lao "

eNVy said...

sale tera to na peene ke baad naam nahi aaya...

mera naam to waise bhi kahin nahi aata...

..tragedy of life...
tabhi to i told dat day "dere will be no one whu will remember me at his/her death"...

Ravemzsdin said...

The amount of response shows how much everybody is missing the land of Booze i.e Goaaaaaaaa !!!

Ravemzsdin said...

@EnVy aka Nbabu :

Don't worry, u have just joined the valeno gang,History is in d making Next Sem :D

eNVy said...

joining the gang is just the surface of sumthin much-much-much deeper....

the irony is much bigger than it seems...
chkout for details.. the tym has come.

Raghav said...

i featured 4 times in the list ...
ye! but unfortunately this list doesnt include much from the crazy stuff we did during waves 08 as choos mc wasnt thr all 3 nights

Ravemzsdin said...

Those three nights have 20 such incidents in them,

Don't worry, we shall write about that too, i"l write abt it when i"l be high :D Secrets involed :) LOL