Monday, July 9, 2007

Google Song

Heres Smthin Intresting i fOUND about Google....

Yeah..Ders a Google Song....

Here is d link to it..

I"l say its a must Watch....LOL...

Here r d lyrics:

When it's late at night
And you've an essay due
And you don't know what to write
I'll tell you what to do
Before sunrise
Find something to plagiarise

on Google
Talkin' 'bout Google...

When you meet someone new
To whom you take a shine
Don't make a move till you
Check them out online
You may find then
She's already killed six men

on Google
Talkin' 'bout Google...

Babababa etc.

When your girl has left
You in the lurch, don't mourn
Just do an image search,
For "underage teen porn"
I guess you'd ask,
Which site can perform this task?

Talkin' 'bout Google...

1 comment:

Gr81 said...

Wonderful Post bhaiya!
Guess I'll read your blog regularly from now on! :D
RaSh (From BITS360)